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Title, El astrólogo fingido. Volume 6 of Biblioteca calderoniana · Volume 73 of Biblioteca áurea hispánica · Volume 73, Issue 6 of Biblioteca áurea hispánica. Protected: El astrólogo fingido. This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password. Get this from a library! The fake astrologer = El astrólogo fingido. [Pedro Calderón de la Barca; Max Oppenheimer].

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This fast-paced comedy depicts a young couple who meet secretly to avoid revealing the secret of their love affair. Astdologo it is no secret at all; everyone in Madrid has their own spin on the events, and only the machinations of a fake astrologer, Diego, seem to tie all the stories together.

When he learns that in fact she does care, he is elated and decides to stay in Madrid.

Juan arranges to stay in Madrid with his friend Carlos. Although Juan instructs him to keep the visit secret, Carlos is jealous, because he mistakenly believes that Juan wants to be near the woman that he himself loves — Violante. Poor Carlos tells Astrologk that his friend has left town, only for her to vow to stay true to Juan until his return.

He accuses her of behaving dishonestly by clinging to notions of honour by day while secretly seeing Juan by night. Diego quickly follows his servant’s lead and adds spice to the ruse, weaving in stories about his travels throughout the world and about how he studied astrology alongside a great master. However, Leonardo knows a thing or two about astrology, and so Diego fears that his powers of divination might soon be put to the test. In this way, they add credibility to his lies, and they also enjoy deceiving everyone in Madrid.


He loves Violante, but wants to test her feelings for Juan, suspecting she loves him instead. He brings her some letters from Juan that have come ‘all the way from Zaragoza’. In fact, they have come from Carlos’s own house, where Juan is hiding.

He suggests she see the astroloo astrologerDiego, who will surely be able to conjure up an encounter between the two despite them being in different towns. Predictably Violante goes to see this marvellous Diego, hoping for a magical glimpse of her beloved Juan.

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In turn, Diego sees an opportunity to secure his reputation fihgido an astrologer; he can get the real Juan to visit her, as he knows that Juan is still in Madrid, and not in Zaragoza as Violante believes. Violante writes a note to Juan at Diego’s dictation, saying she knows he is in town and asking to see him that very night.

Juan receives Violante’s letter, and afraid she will give away the secret of his being in Madrid, he goes to see her. Violante has prepared the room for a ghostly apparition, bringing candles to provide light.

However when Juan comes in fngido appears real – rather axtrologo the apparition she was expecting – Violante is so frightened that she locks herself in another room until he is gone. Juan is confused, and blames Carlos — as a love rival — for setting him up. The servants make sure Diego is advised that Juan has the gem so that Diego will be able to give the correct answer to Leonardo.


He fingidp to confess that he is not a real astrologer, but this plan backfires when Leonardo interprets his honesty as modesty, and believes all the more in Diego’s astrological powers. Leonardo forbids the match on account of Juan’s supposed theft of the jewel, and because he believes the proposal was a hasty way for Juan to try to avoid blame for stealing it. To avoid scandal, Leonardo agrees to their marriage.

Everyone reveals how they came to know the details of the plot which were supposed to be worked out by Diego’s ‘astrology’, and his whole scheme falls apart. Neither are the servants married off, despite their flirting throughout fingidi play. Oppenheimer suggests several literary influences, although a specific source for the play has not been found. Astrologers were famously loathed by Lope de Vega, who often astrolovo them and their prophecies as ridiculous in his plays.

Dual-language text in English and Spanish.

Protected: El astrólogo fingido

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