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Written in the first part of the fifth century, this work is a charming record of the observations of a Christian woman on a lengthy pilgrimage to the Holy Lands. This new version of the late fourth-century diary of journeys in and around the Holy Land known as the Itinerarium Egeriae provides a more. About Egeria. Egeria, one of the earliest documented Christian pilgrims, visited the most important destinations of pilgrimage in the eastern Mediterranean.

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At Seleucia in Isauria we read for the first time of women vtrgines as well as men, the former under the direction of a deaconess named Marthana 1 see p.

But on the seventh day, 1 that is on the Lord’s Day, the whole multitude assembles before cockcrow, in as great numbers as the place can hold, diaary at Easter, in the basilica which is near the Anastasis, but outside the doors, where lights are hanging for the purpose. Justinian built a church in her memory at Constantinople.

Eva Lafosse rated it eegria was ok Jan 30, It happened very pleasantly for us that we arrived on the day before the martyr’s feast of saint Helpidius, which is on the twenty-third of April. It is much better land than all the rest of Egypt.

There are five stations from here to Nisibis, and five stations thence to Hur, 3 which was a pilgrimagge of the Chaldees, but everia is now no access for Romans, for the Persians hold the whole country. Now as soon as the first cock has crowed, the bishop arrives and enters the cave at the Anastasis ; all the doors are opened and the whole multitude enters the Anastasis, where countless lights are already burning.

Thoroughly informed by the most up-to-date scholarship, the introduction and notes provide a treasure-trove of material on the identity of Egeria, pilgrimage, and other issues associated with her description of the liturgy.

And when the holy bishop had told me all these things, he said to me: The Pilgrimage of Etheria. Pilgromage is the place where the law of the Passover was received. The notes on the text are especially good, also. For from his time to the present day if any one wishes to build pf a house here, and so strikes on these foundations, he sometimes finds little fragments of silver and bronze.


They also showed us the place where the calf was made, for a great stone is there to this day, fixed on the very spot. Wilson, appeared under the auspices of the Palestine Pilgrims Text Society.

George Herbert, who had the advantage of many criticisms and suggestions from so eminent a scholar as the late Canon Chas. Duchesne and to Dom Cabrol and they both agreed it appeared to solve the difficulty. I particularly enjoyed the discussion of the liturgies and buildings of Jerusalem in the introduction. For the readings and the explanations of them in Deut.

There, in the midst, between the church and the cells, there flows from out of pllgrimage rock a great stream of water, very beautiful and limpid, and excellent to the taste. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Now that little hill which q see, my daughter, over against the city, supplied it with water at that time, and the Persians, perceiving this, diverted the water from the city and made it to run near that place where they had made their camp.

Duchesne notes there were variations in the length of the Quadragesima at Jerusalem Christian Worship, p.

Full text of “The pilgrimage of Etheria”

Meister uses a similar argument to prove that the pilgrimage must be prior to the building by Justinian of the Church of S. Setting out thence we pursued our journey continuously through the land of Goshen, among vines that yield wine and vines that yield balsam, among orchards, highly cultivated fields and very pilgrimgae gardens, our whole route lying along the bank of the river Nile among oft-recurring estates, which were once the homesteads of the children of Israel.

For it she was ” mainly indebted,” as she tells us, to her ” brother the Rev. In the same hour of night they assemble in the room of the disciples, and read the lection, S.

As we went, the priest of the place, i.

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And when they have arrived at that church, the bishop enters the cave where the Lord was wont to teach His disciples, 2 and after receiving the book of the Gospel, he stands and himself reads the words of the Lord which are written in the Gospel according to Matthew, where He says: She went also to what she was told was Mount Horeb, where Elijah’s pilgdimage was, 2 and there 1 See p.

When the dismissal has been made, the bishop is escorted thence with hymns to the Anas- tasis, where, when he has entered, one hymn is said, followed by a prayer ; the catechumens and then the faithful are blessed, and the dismissal is made.

Egeria (pilgrim)

And when these have taken breakfast on the Lord’s Day, they do not eat until the Sabbath morning after they have com- municated in the Anastasis. And in the same hour they proceed to holy Sion. So setting out thence, we arrived at the foot of mount Nebo, which was very high ; nevertheless the greater part could be ascended sitting on asses, though a little bit was steeper and had to be climbed laboriously on foot, which was done.

Then, too, as we were going on the other side we saw the top of the mountain which overlooks the whole valley ; from which place holy Moses saw the children of Israel engaged in dancing at the time when they had made the calf. The latter alternative seems on the whole the more likely, though either of them will account for the expression used on p.

On the third weekday x everything is done as on the second, with this one thing added that late at night, after the dismissal of the martyrium, and after the going to the Anastasis and after the dis- missal there, all proceed at that hour by night to the church, which is on the mount Eleona.