Jul 01 2020

Advantage A. The Focus family. Ecophon Focus™ is our most comprehensive system family and offer a wide range of opportunities. Order Ecophon Advantage A Ceiling Tiles From The UK’s Leading Suspended Ceiling Tile Supplier. Order Directly Online Now. Tile Size. x mm ( x mm). Edge Detail. Reveal/Microlook (15mm Grid). Grid Width. 15mm. Appearance. Smooth (Insulated). Material. Insulated.

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Advantagge Advantage guarantees good value-for-money that meets essential requirements regarding acoustics, moisture resistance and mechanical strength. Available in a limited number of sizes, Advantage aims to provide effortless ecoophon and straight-forward installation.

All products in the Advantage family are easily demountable and provide acoustic comfort in absorption class A. You can also choose from a variety of sizes. Discover the possibilities using elementary function to receive value-for-money with Ecophon Advantage.

Be inspired by our references and case studies from all over the world. The head office is located in Hyllinge, just outside Helsingborg, Sweden. Ecophon is part of the global Saint-Gobain Group. Colours and surfaces Learn more about the different types of surfaces and colour offerings for our products. Acoustic solutions Find the best acoustic solutions for different types of indoor environments. Sustainability Follow our journey toward complete sustainability on our web.

Ecophon product range This film presents our product families which are developed to meet different market needs. Inspiration Acoustic solutions Sustainability Download brochures Advantaage information.

Ecophon Advantage A

Focus Entering a universe of design flexibility. Focus Ds Concealed grid. Focus Dg Unique edge design. Focus DA Panels for corridor and bandraster with concealed grid. Focus E Recessed visible grid. Focus Ez New design tile recessed visible grid. Easily demountable tiles Focus F For direct fixing with screws. Focus Flexiform A Flexible panels formed on site. Focus Fixiform E Tiles delivered flat and folded to 90 degrees level change on site.


Focus Fixiform Ds Tiles delivered flat and folded to 90 degrees level change on site. Focus Frieze Creating a smooth transition between ceiling and wall. Focus Edge Slight vertical sloped moulding for free hanging units. Focus Wing Wing-shaped elements for free advantzge ceilings.

Focus Ds level change Concealed grid. Master Taking care of demanding conditions.

Master overview Master A Visible grid. Master B For direct fixing with glue. Master Ds Concealed grid. Master E Recessed visible grid. Master F For direct fixing with screws.

Master SQ For direct fixing with glue. Master Matrix Semi-concealed grid. Master Rigid A Visible grid. Demountable tiles Master Rigid E Recessed visible grid. Demountable tiles Master Rigid Dp Semi-concealed grid system. Hygiene Ensuring the required level of purity and cleanliness. Hygiene overview Hygiene Eckphon Baffle Vertically hanging absorber. For humid environments and areas with airborne grease.

Hygiene Advance Wall Xdvantage wall absorber. Hygiene Clinic A C1 Visible grid. For dry environments in health care premises.

Acoustic glass wool ceiling tiles Ecophon Advantage™ E By Saint-Gobain ECOPHON

Hygiene Clinic E C1 Recessed visible grid. Hygiene Foodtec A Visible grid. For humid environments in kitchens, food and beverage industries. Hygiene Advance A Visible grid. For humid and corrosive environments and areas with airborne grease. Hygiene Foodtec Baffle Vertically hanging absorber. Hygiene Foodtec Wall Vertical wall absorber.

Hygiene Labotec Ds C1 Consealed grid. For dry environments in laboratories. For dry environments in the pharmaceutical and electronic industries. Hygiene Meditec A C1 Visible grid.

Hygiene Meditec E Recessed visible grid. Hygiene Performance A Visible grid. For humid environments in showers etc. Hygiene Protec A Visible grid. For dry environments in health care and the pharmaceutical and electronic industries. Gedina Presenting a true and established classic. Gedina overview Gedina A Visible grid.

Gedina E Recessed visible grid. Gedina A with Extra Bass Visible grid. Advantagee E with Extra Bass Recessed visible grid. Advantage Delivering elementary function. Advantage overview Advantage A Visible grid. Sombra Black Ceiling solutions. Sombra overview Sombra A Visible grid.

Super G When conditions are tough. Combison Sound insulation and absorption in one. Combison overview Combison Uno A Visible grid. Combison Uno Ds Concealed grid. Combison Duo A Visible grid. Combison Duo E Recessed visible grid. Akusto Exploring a vertical art variety. Akusto overview Akusto Wall A Visible profiles. Panel width mm. Akusto Wall C Concealed panel connection.


Akusto One SQ Panel for wall applications, shaped as a square, rectangle and circle.

Ecophon Advantage A Square Edge mm x mm x 15mm

Solo overview Solo Baffle Wall. Solo Experiencing freedom of expression. Solo Baffle Vertically installed unframed baffles. Solo Baffle Wave Vertically installed unframed baffles. Solo Baffle ZigZag Vertically installed unframed adantage.

Solo Baffle Wall Vertically installed unframed baffles. Ecophon Lighting Integrated lighting solutions. Ecophon Lighting overview Square 43 A fully integrated luminaire with light opening shaped as a square.

Dot A fully integrated luminaire with light opening shaped as a circle. Ecophon Line A fully integrated luminaire. Light opening shaped as a slit advatnage off center for Focus Ds, Dg and E. Light opening placed exophon center for Focus Lp. Withstands frequent high pressure hosing.

Solo overview Solo Rectangle Line. Healthcare overview Entrances Canteens Educational spaces Ecophno and nurses stations Waiting areas Patient and treatment rooms Specialist areas Smaller shared spaces Living space elderly care Emergency unit Administrative areas Related information. Acoustic solutions for TABS. Acoustic knowledge bank overview Basic acoustics Planning for good room acoustics Designing for good room acoustics Acoustics glossary Acoustic web.

Contact overview Download brochures HR contact. Healthcare facts Impact of noise in healthcare – a research summary Additional areas Industry The beverage industry The food industry The electronics industry The pharmaceutical industry Kitchen areas Advantaye halls Sports halls Cinema Key principles for designing a cinema Acoustic solutions for TABS Acoustic knowledge bank Basic acoustics All about Sound Sound — where does it come from?