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Animal Biodiversity and Conservation issue 37.1 (2014)

Anthropogenic determinants of primate and carnivore local extinc-tions in a fragmented forest landscape of southern Amazonia. Sciuridae Sciurus aureogaster F, S 1 0. The vegetation is tropical deciduous forest. Para las abreviaturas de los tipos de registro, Rec, vase la tabla 3. Iranian cave barb, Endemic, Habitat, Phytoplankton, Zooplankton. The estimated detection probability was 0 at an averaged distance of hmana, m from the traps fig.

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A theoretical analysis of some indices of similarity as applied to biogeo-graphy. Through the use of camera traps, 82 photographs of mammals were obtained, confirming the ecolocaacin of ten of the species recorded by indirect methods. Moreover, these species influence the community structure and complexity on the trophic levels in which they are involved, due to their regulatory role as preys and predators Roemer et al.

Fur-thermore, this area has a particular importance from a zoogeographical perspective because it lies in the zone where the Nearctic and Neotropical regions over-lap. It is an endemic species of rayfinned fish of the family Cyprinidae from a humanw locality in the Zagros Moun-tains, western Iran. For instance, Tomas et al. Methods Study areaThe Iranian cave barbs original locality is a water cave, the natural outlet of a subterranean limestone system in the Zagros Mountains.


Didelphidae Didelphis virginiana F, P 3 0.

Evaluacin de dos tcnicas para determinar la actividad y abundancia de mamferos en el bosque chaqueo, Argentina. The Wildlife Society Bethesda, Maryland.

However, their study was conducted in cloud forest, oak forest, evergreen forest, crop fields and coffee plantations. The fraction of transects contiguous to a core ecolofacin used as a metric.

Revista de Biologa Tropical, 59 1: Conservatism ecolocacih ecological niches in evolu-Conservatism of ecological niches in evolu-tionary eecolocacin. Revista Ecolgica Latino Americana, 6 1: Falsely triggered images constituted We only considered spots where the soil showed tracks of strong and frequent removal of material by water such as ravines as unequivocal evidence of erosion.

For the abbreviations of record types, Rec, see table 3. In their study, the authors recorded 30 species of mediumsized and large mammals. The ratio of browsed to total plants was calculated as an index of browsing intensity.

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Spilogale gracilis was recorded only in the disturbed area. For instance, Sept ’06 vs. For the abbreviations of variables see table 1. MethodsThe study area is located in the fcolocacin plain of Te-huantepec, northeast of the city of Juchitan, Oaxaca, Mexico, at m a. Area Preserved DisturbedLivestock density Goat 0. Se estudi la distribucin espacial y estacional del plancton en el hbitat original del barbo caverncola iran entre mayo de y febrero de These high values of abundance may be related to 8 CortsMarcial et al.


Universitas, Revista de la Facultad de Ciencias, 9: Anaximperator, libllula emperador, liblula emperador, Emperor dragonfly Jordi Domnech. The effects of habitat fragmentation on chaparral plants and vertebrates.

Soil compaction Comp The constant trampling of livestock along tracks causes soil compaction, which affects ecopocacin infiltration. Nmero de registros de especies de mamferos de talla mediana y grande registrados en La Venta, Juchitn.

Edge effects in fragmented forests: Indirect me-thods could however underestimate species richness and abundance as they focused mainly on recording terrestrial species yumana can overlook treedwellers Aranda, Distribucin y abundancia de mam-feros medianos y grandes en la Sierra Nanchititla.

A habitat and diet overlap humqna could improve our knowledge of their effects of such measures on the species, and help develop appropriate management strategies. Plankton composition and environmental parameters in the habitat of the Iranian cave barb Iranocypris typhlops in Iran. The biodiversity of a Peruvian rainfor-est. A high interchange of species was also observed between zones. Lista de las especies de mamferos de talla mediana y grande registradas en La Venta, Juchitn, siguiendo la taxonoma propuesta por Ramrez et al.

The values of beta diversity and similarity suggest a high species turnover.