ECG – 9620L PDF

Mar 20 2020

CONTENTS. Service Manual ECG C Contents The CE mark is applied only to the ECGL/M/N Electrocardiograph. This equipment complies. Service Manual ECG Composition. · To order a replacement assembly above, use the Code No. · To order a replacement component inside an. View Homework Help – Nihon_Koden_Cardiofax_ECG_-_Repair_manual from BA at Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City. ECGL.

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When transporting a board or unit of the instrument, be sure to put it in a conductive bag.

The cardiograph provides automatic ECG analysis function. The instrument evg one standard communication connector SIO. When the provided 3-prong power cord cannot be used, operate the cardiograph on battery power.


Do the following procedure to automatically adjust the thermal head recording resolution. Measuring and Test Equipment Maintain the accuracy of the measuring and test equipment by checking and calibrating it according to the check and calibration procedures.

We only use high quality grade A cells 9620o all of our battery packs. Normal The motor is faulty. When another cart is used, the cardiograph may fall off or the cart may tip over. Use only Nihon Kohden approved products with this device. Power cord, patient cable are not frayed and are correctly connected to the instrument.


Removing the Upper Casing Faulty patient cable connection. Paper is fed correctly no skewing or jam. Failure to follow this warning may cause explosion or fire. Patient cable connector 1. If the above suggested remedial actions do not solve the problem, consult your Nihon Kohden Corporation subsidiary or distributor for additional suggestions.

This test automatically ends after the following has been printed. Check with your local officials for proper disposal procedures. The battery heats up and rusts and the substance liquid inside the battery leaks. Periodic Replacement Schedule To maintain the performance of the instrument, the parts listed ecf the table below must be periodically replaced by qualified service personnel.

The battery pack short-circuits, the substance liquid comes out and the battery pack explodes. The larger quantity you buy, the better price will be.

Before maintenance cleaning, disinfectionmake sure that the cardiograph is turned off and the power cord is removed from the AC outlet and cardiograph. Turn the power off and wait 10 minutes before installing to or removing any component from the instrument. Failure to follow this caution may cause electrical shock to patient and operator. The problems are divided into general operation and recording.

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Removing the Upper Casing 1. Otherwise, the operator may get an electrical shock and the cardiograph may malfunction.

Nihon Kohden ECG – ECG

Do not expose the battery pack to direct sunlight or leave in a high temperature place. Replace the feeding motor.

Otherwise, the operator may get an electrical shock. Otherwise, the cardiograph cannot operate on battery power. Do not use a battery pack which is damaged, such as from falling.

10 Lead EKG Cable Connector Fit Nihon Kohden Cardiofax Banana 4 15pins Connector

A faulty thermal head can cause some parts at a certain position to be unevenly or incompletely printed. Install the local language text file which is the same version as the ECG software.

Do not connect the battery pack to an 9620 outlet or lighter socket in a car. Service Manual ECG 6. The following describes some common interference sources and remedial actions: When single memory test mode is selected, entire memory is tested once.

Local language text file version does not match the ECG software version. Battery charge lamp lights when the AC power is supplied.