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WORKS OF DARKNESS E.A. KOETTING Works of Darkness A Guide to Advanced Black Magick ISBN All rights reserved. No part of this. so i started doing the very first excersize in works of darkness and i felt something was watching me, hovering above me. i saw the mists and. WORKS OF DARKNESS: A Guide to Advanced Black Magick by E. A. Koetting ( Hardcover Edition). $ WORKS OF DARKNESS: A Guide to Advanced.

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Community Forum Software by IP. Well, that’s what you would expect from a work bearing that title I suppose, but instead of abandoning all morality, oketting one seek to transcend or perfect it?

Aug 11, Doris Barnhart rated it it was amazing. Well you have a point there, I don’t think I’m the right person to review or criticise Koetting’s all views since I haven’t really read the books. Mic Angelis rated it it was amazing Feb 17, Xeper is no longer a useful concept – but Awesome still is. As for Evoking Eternity, I feel that it had some good points regarding evocation.

Works of Darkness guides the student of the Dark Arts into the blackest rituals and through the darkest regions workss the human psyche and through hell itself.

Works of Darkness – Occult Corpus

While terms are defined, background is given, and fact is exposed in Works of Darkness, the meat of the text is the practical advice and exercises that bring the reader to not only sit and perform the rituals, but which also guarantee a successful outcome, and lend to the ultimate spiritual koettlng of the Practitioner.

If you have seen the vision that you describe in your above comment before attempting this meditation then maybe you were already attuned to the dark current or that you were approached by it somehow. No trivia or quizzes qorks. Of course if that’s what rocks your boat, fine, but making magick as just one aspect of self-help psychology joetting done me any good. Any comments would be appreciated.


Works of Darkness: A Guide to Advanced Black Magick

Even if one does not intent workz do the rituals there was a need at least for me to read theese books to the end. D And always remember Works of Darkn From the author of Kingdoms of Flame comes a new era of magick, and a new sinister guidebook to enter this realm.

Return to Book Page. A Guide eorks Advanced Black Magick is the most complete and in-depth textbook covering the most cornerstone, yet the most advanced forms of the art of Black Magick.

This meditation is really powerful and I can totally relate to what you are talking about, as I myself had experiences similar to what you describe Dragon Crow. Jun 21, Ankh Cross rated it really liked it.

Works of Darkness. E.a Koetting 1st Edition Hardcover

Works of darkness E. Black Magick is the force that has driven empires into the heavens and into the dust, and Works of Darkness: Throughout koegting text, every detail of every Operation is illustrated in a manner that invokes the feeling of an intimate mentor compassionately giving koetting lifelong student a clear picture of both the task at hand and the necessary steps to achieve the goal.

He’s got some great thoughts on this good vs. Senior Member Old Timers posts.

I sure can think of many good reasons for chopping off some heads, but spiritual progress ain’t one of them. I never read this book, let alone reviewed it. He knows that theese days there needs to be more in a book than just a little layout for a ritual. As promised by author sorks detailed and well articulated on operation of dark art practices.

Compare this to the medieval magician summoning wicked devils to do hir bidding or face eternal torment in some Dante-escue hell, and the new darkhess crystal hippie going to healing workshops to “come to terms with hir anger” or whatever.


How do I get this book? Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Matt rated it liked kf Jul 29, My body turned pitch-black and I there were blue, runic-like markings all over me. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Also, after posting the thread that I describe my experience with the darkness meditation, I received a tutorial containing the basic practices of core shamanism from another member of this forum.

Well you got me there, I do to some extent hold the belief that spirits and whatnot are projections from the subconscious, but I think that the old paradigm of ethereal beings existing in their own right has a lot more romance and excitement to it than the psychological one.

I think this is more aimed at people starting out but I can tell for Kingdoms of Flame and Baneful Magick. In that book cursing seems to be a means of spiritual ascent rather than a last resort in a hopeless situation. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next.

Gave me a good overview from an armchair prospective of practicing black magick. But he also makes valid points about breaking taboos and being badass and shit See 1 question about Works of Darknessā€¦.

Works of Darkness. E.a Koetting 1st Edition Hardcover | eBay

I am currently reading his book and planned to work with it as well. He’s not advocating such things seriously as much as he’s advocating looking at morality through a critical lens and taking ascent on the Left Hand Path seriously It’s a cruel way to encourage gnosis View all 3 comments. Posted 19 February –