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: Driven: How Human Nature Shapes Our Choices ( ): Paul R. Lawrence, Nitin Nohria: Books. Driven – Paul R. Lawrence and Nitin Nohria. This post contains my personal notes about the big ideas in [Driven: How Human Nature Shapes. My Notes on “Driven – How Human Nature Shapes Our Choices” by Paul R. Lawrence & Nitin Nohria:

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The First 20 Hours. Their research examples are rich in I found this book xriven. Karen marked it as to-read Sep 24, Any particular individual may have a greater or lesser developed need for one of these drives, but the drive is always there on some level.

Driven: How Human Nature Shapes Organizations – HBS Working Knowledge – Harvard Business School

In this line of reasoning, altruism is simply seen as a calculated action that confers some gain, however distant or indirect that gain might be. The major progression element of the game is tied to getting better gear, and better gear leads to higher social status – acquisition.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Why So Much Diversity? These drives help explain what people are actually controlling for on a high level. Learning of this same kind also moves along well in a group or intergroup context when the participants are diverse enough to trigger the curiosity itch, but not so different as to be threatening.

Economists call this dynamic dilemma the “Tragedy of the Commons. Relationships can all too readily slide into cutthroat competition or totally collusive bonding.

Driven: How Human Nature Shapes Organizations

Benjamin added it Nov 08, One problematic form this excessive bonding can take is the “group think” process described by Irving Janis Janis, The idea of summarizing what drives us humans is actually interesting and the authors did quite a good job. The author says we have 4 basic drives drive to aquire, bond, learn, and apul and these are the basic motivators for humans.


Remember that four-drive theory argues that the innate pressure to fulfill all four drives together has served to evolve a social contracting skill as a means to this end. In other words, all this energy probably would not be harnessed efficiently to the goals of the larger enterprise.

I would never h Not a lot of practical information. Billy Tsui rated it liked it Dec 22, Think of it as seeking the tension of respectful competition in all relationships. It is this itch in the incumbent’s mind that activates the drive to resolve the gap between the known and the new perception.

About the Author Paul R.

To maintain a reasonable balance among the drives requires hands-on steering by the leadership of the organization. So far we have focused on the implications of the drives to bond and to acquire and the interplay between them. Uses lawrenve basis of neurology and other disciplines to define what drives human beings. What constitutes “too much” diversity is moderated by the quality of the social skills participants are able to exercise toward keeping the learning dialogue open and flowing.

With their drive to acquire and related skill sets such as the sense of ownership and property rights, they could create and accumulate large stores of items of value. The analysis of organizational failures resulting from the lack of one or more of these drives in the individuals’ roles is more interesting.

Eric marked it as to-read Dec 04, Any bonding that happens with others happens before or after the movie. Jan oaul, Maura rated it it was ok. I disliked this book from the start. Second, organizations have a tendency to veer to an extreme emphasis on the achievement of some one drive to the neglect of the others. Of all of the qualities people can develop, wisdom is potentially the most beneficial….


Driven – Paul R. Lawrence and Nitin Nohria – Josh Kaufman

Beyond the question of drives, every job in our theoretical four-drive organization would offer an opportunity for the incumbent to employ some personal skills, skills for which they not only have an innate head start but also a personal history of further developing and refining.

Amy 2 marked it as to-read Aug 21, Their research examples are rich in variety and compelling. Learn to handle uncertainty, ambiguity, and fear of the unknown in this unique allegorical short story. These four drives, which together made up what was universal in human nature, provided the foundation for the rapid development of all varieties of human cultures.

Joshua marked it as to-read Nov 21, Opportunism and selfish political behavior would be rampant. Consider social games like World of Warcraft. From their uncritical embrace of the Computational Theory of Mind and specifically Pinker’s version to faulty reasoning like: The movies that get the best reviews, and do the best in the box office, are the movies that provoke our emotions the most. A spiraling arms race can be created with everyone seeking more and more of a good thing.

Permissions Request permission to reuse content from this site. Yet they have snd place in a world in which human onhria are purely motivated by self-interest How do we explain these behaviours that violate the single-minded pursuit of self-interest?