Jul 13 2020

View Perpu_Nomor_2_Tahun_ tentang from LAW 1 at 20 pages PERDA KOTA DEPOK THN NO 02 TTG PERUBAHAN KEDUA ATAS . Unfortunately, House’s intention to reform seems to not exist on the final draft of the MD3 Law. On 10 July , the House of Representatives held a Plenary These are the Bill on Soil and Water Conservation (RUU Konservasi Monitoring dan Evaluasi Pelaksanaan UU Ormas Tahun ke-V (2 Juli. Some say that the bill was initially drafted to limit the actions of fundamentalist On 12 April , women from FAMM-Indonesia joined a protest rally in Surabaya, East “Hati-hati kembalinya militerisme di balik ruu ormas!.

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A Setback for the Indonesian Parliament. Therefore, through the amendment of Law No.

Through the Law, the House has extended its authority without providing space for supervision. The obligation of the House in reporting its budget management to the public in the annual performance report Article 73 paragraph 203 of the MD3 Law has also been erased. Closed-door meetings will also still be upheld by the House.

Young Indonesian Activists Organize to Defend Democratic Freedoms | JASS (Just Associates)

In their recommendations, the Coalition urges the upcoming House members of the period to revise the MD3 Law, particularly to sterilize it from the effects orms the Presidential Election scramble and several other agendas that tend to not significantly boost parliamentary reformation. Besides an inadequate amount of time because only one period remains 14 August—30 Septemberthe new MD3 Law is trapped by political interests as the effect of the Presidential Election scramble.


It regulates the parliamentary organization, parliamentary sessions, as well as the decision making process, both on the national and local level. The law has been heavily criticized for several stipulations, among others, weakening the corruption eradication and pork barrel stipulation, which have been problematic.

Additionally, the process itself has raised an ethical question, whether a lame duck parliament can make such substantial changes for the future parliament.

The refusal towards it not only comes from the civil society, but also from political parties who were engaged in the making of the law. Instead, the position has to be elected by all members of parliament.

Young Indonesian Activists Organize to Defend Democratic Freedoms

This has weakened the political position of PDI-P as the election winner. The action of PDI-P has raised a legal standing issue; whether political parties who have been engaged in the process of law making and failed to fight for their aspiration in the law can obtain legal standing as a party in the judicial review towards the fuu in question?

However, in one of its decisions, the MK questioned the position of a parliamentary member in giving testimonies as a judicial review petitioner by citing that the argument given was irrelevant to court. This is because the member was given a chance in putting forward his aspiration directly in many parliament sessions and debates. In doing so, the MK has prevented itself from possible complications in the future, where every political party who has lost in parliament goes to the MK.

LRWD Edition 23 : July 2014

Legislation during the House of Representatives Final Period. This means that the period of House of Representatives have only one session left, which will be held from 16 August until 30 September The last session of the House of Representatives will be held from 16 August until 30 September ; a total of 32 working days.


Therefore, even though they have entered the last session, the legislative process still needs to be continuously monitored by the community. An Anomaly in the Bill on Plantations Formation.

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This bill is an amendment of Law No. However, it turns out that the Bill on Plantations romas not entered in the priority list of the Prolegnas. Regarding the Bill on Plantations, it was not included in the Prolegnas since it was a follow-up of a Constitutional Court Decision. Inthe Constitutional Court released a decision stating that Article 21 and 47 of the Law on Plantations was unconstitutional.

However, during the implementation, the Plantations Bill was not only revising articles, but also changed the entire content of the Law. Therefore, the Bill on Plantations should have been entered into the Prolegnas before its preparation and discussion stage with the Government. This is important because the Law on Daft that was ratified in received a lot of opposition from its constituents.

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