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Col nome di archivio #Mitrokhin ci si riferisce ai materiali che l’ex funzionario del servizio segreto sovietico, #KGB, Vasilij Nikitič #Mitrokhin (Василий Никитич. Italy Parliament Commissione parlamentare d’inchiesta concernente il “dossier Mitrokhin” e l’attività d’intelligence italiana. Overview. Commissione Parlamentare d’Inchiesta Concernente il “Dossier Mitrokhin” e l’ Attività d’Intelligence Italiana: Documento Conclusivo sull’Attività Svolta e sui.

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The April general election was won by Romano Prodi ‘s centre-left L’Unioneand in Novemberthe new Italian parliament instituted a commission to investigate the Mitrokhin Commission for allegations that it was manipulated for political purposes.

Marino, now living in the U. Scholar Amy Knight stated that “the story of Mitrokhin’s defection Mitrokhin made no attempt to contact any Western intelligence service during the Soviet Era. The Mitrokhin Commission was shut down in March without any concrete result provided, and not one political figure was exposed by the allegations, despite months of press speculation alimented by Berlusconi family newspaper Il Giornale.

Mitrokhin Commission

Over the years, Mitrokhin became increasingly disillusioned with mitrokhun Soviet system, especially after the stories about the struggles of dissidents and the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakiawhich led him to conclude that the Soviet system was un-reformable.

During the Prague Spring events in Czechoslovakia, Andropov was a vigorous proponent of “extreme measures”. Many notable operations are alleged to have been conducted by the KGB to support international terrorists with weapons on the orders from the Communist Party of the Soviet Unionincluding:.

The same applies ddossier this second volume, which details Kremlin dirty tricks in the third world. Scaramella, according to the interceptions, was to collect false witnesses among KGB refugees in Europe to support this aim. He was aided and abetted in this scheme by right-wing conspiracy theorists in the United States and William Casey ‘s Central Intelligence Agency, which became a victim of its own disinformation campaign.

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The future Russian Patriarch Alexius II said that Rodina was created to “maintain spiritual ties with our compatriots” and to help organize them. Christopher Andrew states that in the Mitrokhin Archive there are several Latin American leaders or members of left wing parties accused of being KGB informants or agents.

The individuals outed by Mitrokhin appear to be what he says they were, but great care is generally taken to identify those who were unwitting dupes or, in many instances, uncooperative targets. Advanirequested the Government a white paper to file defamation suits against Christopher Andrew. Howard Hunt, the former C.

Mitrokhin Commission – Wikipedia

The publication of the books provoked parliamentary inquiries in the UK, Italy, and India. Vol 3, No Sossier about targeted personae he said: The Hungarian leaders were arrested and Nagy was executed.

Andropov played a key role in crushing the Hungarian Revolution. KGB in Europepage Similarly, the story that the K.

Thousands mitrokyin leads from Mr. House of Representatives, 26 Oct Central Intelligence Agency officers there did not consider him to be credible, concluding that the copied documents could be faked.

Mitrokhin Archive – Wikipedia

For instance, the authors tell how the K. The former Indian counter-terrorism chief, Bahukutumbi Ramanpointed out that Mitrokhin did not bring either the original documents or photocopies. We spoke at length. What MI6 got for a little kindness and a pension was the crown jewels of Russian intelligence. His repeated offers to collaborate with the Italian secret services were all rejected in the s by the Italian government.

The books purport to provide details about many of the Soviet Union ‘s mirtokhin intelligence operations around the world.

Michael Ledeena U. Though much of The Sword and the Shield is drawn from Andrew’s earlier works and collaborations, the book does contain fresh revelations” and then he adds that “several of the much-publicized revelations, however, hardly qualify as such.

The author Joseph Trento commented that. This page was last edited on 20 Septemberat The historian Joseph Persico described the revelations as.

Dossier Mitrokhin (Rapporto Impedian 1995) SEGRETISSIMO

The commission was disbanded in Marchwithout any concrete evidence given to support the original allegations of KGB ties to Italian politicians. Retrieved 23 June The Committee expressed concern because the Secret Intelligence Service MI6 knew the names of some spies years before the publication of the book, but decided not to prosecute them without informing the proper prosecuting authorities.


Their strategy included mass political repressions and establishing subordinate secret police services at the occupied territories. According to Mitrokhin’s notes, Soviet security organizations played key roles in establishing puppet Communist governments in Eastern Europe and Afghanistan.

Unbeknownst to Kryuchkov and the KGB, while cataloging the documents, Mitrokin secretly took his own copies and immensely detailed notes of the documents which he smuggled to his dacha and hid under the floorboards.

Large-scale sabotage preparations were supposedly made against the US, Canadaand elsewhere in case of war, including hidden weapons caches; several have been removed or destroyed by police relying on Mitrokhin’s information. The provenance of this archive is itself a matter of some controversy. Both Russia and Bulgaria condemned the report. However, after not being able to verify any of the information in the book, he tried to use the Commission as a political tool against members of the Italian Left by setting them up.

He also observed that “one finds it very difficult to believe” that Mitrokhin could have had access to the files and copied them, which should have been impossible if standard intelligence agency safety rules were followed. On Septembera work by two researchers DR. In the interceptions, Guzzanti declared that the Mitrokhin Commission’s unstated goal was to depict Romano Prodi and Alfonso Pecoraro Scanioleader of the Federation of the Greens and current Minister of Environment in Prodi’s government, as “agents of the KGB”, financed by Moscow in order to discredit him.