DECRETO 5707 DE 2006 PDF

Apr 30 2020

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Therefore, justice, at least initially, impelled sharing the load of the accidents amongst everyone. Their capacity to remove the ” productor ” from disability, attempting his recovery and watching to ensure that no fraud was committed by faking decreot, turned the specialists in this field of medicine into essential components used to reach these political goals.

The aim of this article is to explore these interventions and use them to show how disability was used as a vehicle to implement steps aimed at disciplining the population as a whole. National Syndicalism stimulated the development of a specific action against work accidents, which were contemplated as a considerable risk for the development of the regime.

Not only did it acknowledge that preventing the occurrence of accidents was the responsibility of the State and the employer, but this was also considered to be one of the worker’s duties. Dynamis, 14 The efforts 206 by the INI to produce what was considered most necessary for the nation’s interest were obvious, but, although the start of a recovery in industrial production could be seen decrero the middle of the decade, it was not until the end of the decade that levels similar to those present prior to the Civil War could be appreciated.

The practice of occupational medicine contained a series of elements that could cause Spaniards to change their considerations, both of those who were “able” and those who were considered to be “not able” for work, regarding people with disability.

Instituto Nacional de Medicina y Seguridad en el Trabajo. Cours au College de France, Given that it was considered that the breach of the safety regulations represented a negative factor for the social and economic welfare of the workers, it was necessary to instil in them “the unquestionable values of prevention” Conceptos,p. Therefore, from the pages of the first issue of their magazine, they highlighted the fact that the work performed by experts with special training in this subject was “highly necessary”, and they stated that the state needed “many thousands” of this type of doctor to help Spanish industry resolve several significant problems: Medicina y Seguridad del Trabajo.


The need to ensure that nobody who could work stopped doing so involved a series of actions for which the expert doctors seemed to be the best qualified.

Initially it covered the workers with very low wages, although subsequently it was extended to all the paid “producers” and to the family members depending on them.

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As if there were precepts or orders from a superior being to a lesser one, the idea was set forth that the ” productores ” had to follow the “safety commandments”, a code of conduct that included actions applicable to themselves, but which also meant looking out for the safety of those around them Conceptos,pp.

To close his article, Matilla set forth the idea that it was the state and the government’s task to coordinate all these repair and prevention actions related to disability.

In a prolific period of legislative activity was initiated, aimed at improving the productores ‘ lot.

In its introduction, the Fuero was presented as the way in which the state began its task of carrying out the revolution for which, in its opinion, Spain was waiting. In this way, National Syndicalism, specifically the ideology sustained by the Falangebecame the essential source of the main basics of the Dictatorship’s one-party system Ellwood,p. On the one hand, the productive power of the economy vecreto on a large, able-bodied workforce.

This meant indoctrinating them about a series of concepts: Jordana de Pozas, L. Reflections, Conclusions and Historical Perspectives. In this way, at the same time as fighting hazards at work, it also fought the illnesses caused by technology and the illnesses related to work; doing so, the workers’ efficiency would be increased due to the hygiene-healthcare steps and a “psychological arrangement of the work”.

Beyond Structuralism and Hermeneutics pp. This person would be given a wide range of functions that were related to obtaining an increase in the individual efficiency by the producers. To stress this last point, it was affirmed that: Occupational medicine was therefore positioned at a highly sensitive point of the political 5077 of the Franco regime that aimed at exercising control over citizens to make them more efficient and disciplined in the place where they performed their productive work.

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Finally, as it formed part of the monitoring mechanisms established by the state to guarantee that those who were classified as “invalids” really were unable to work, it contributed to uphold decerto damaging idea of disabled people: The ideology of National Syndicalism not only saw in this area of medicine as a perfect way to impart its way of interpreting what was represented by the nation’s prosperity and the wellbeing of Spaniards in general, but also a way to reduce the opposition amongst Spanish citizens to the Dictatorship and gaining decrefo for the national cause.


Therefore, it is appropriate to take the Institute as a fundamental reference point to show xecreto Spanish doctors responded to the call made to 57007 by the ” Nuevo Estado ” to attempt to fight the challenges which, in relation to work, disability set forth for the Franco regime. Theoretical approaches of the authors, their study methodologies, within the public administration researched, tools and procedures for analysis of data collected, among others have been shown.

Endnotes This statement about the valuable role that medicine could play in the sustainment of the Franco regime has also been indicated for the case of Hitler’s Germany.

The work developed by the Institute also consisted of acting as an advisory body, training experts capable of carrying out their work in the companies correctly. In the Ministry of Work also created a Commission aimed at designing an insurance that would resolve the problem of illness “within the terms of justice, solidarity and fellowship” Decreto, Los ilegales de la Naturaleza. Amongst the conclusions reached at this meeting, in which over five hundred people took part and two hundred and eighty-seven papers were presented, I would like to underscore here the ed Los valores morales del nacionalsindicalismo.

Its contents show how the Francoist regime tried to respond from its ve position to the already widespread trend of implanting social security programmes in the states.

Work was given an important position within the political programme of General Franco’s dictatorship, which considered work to be a fundamental factor for economic development and a means by which deceeto regime could exercise its power.

This abstract may be abridged.