DBL 8451 PDF

Mar 28 2020

The Holzapfel Group plates zinc-nickel according to the following standards: VW TL , DBL , Opel GME , GMW , BMW GS and DIN. The Holzapfel Group plates zinc iron according to the following standards: VW TL , DBL , BMW G , GME , GMW , DIN Zinc-iron. specification DBL 17 which details that a 10 to 15 micron deposit should provide NSS. 9 protection of hours with no zinc and hours with no red.

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Zinc-Nickel (Zn-Ni)

Black chrome Learn more. For parts without a thread, the size of the component and its design, along with the technology available at the coater’s, will determine whether the dnl process should be performed using the less expensive barrel plating method or by rack plating.

If necessary, the processes shall be optimized. Don’t fill this field! If in Tables 2 to 4 the values are given in parenthesis e. Preloading tests on dbll components that have been zinc-coated in a deformed fixture, in which the component is subjected to stress close to the weld seam through stresses in the yield strength area. If necessary, an agreement concerning surface quality may have to be made.

Technical Special Nickel Plating Learn more. Individually dyed anodised surfaces.

Zinc plating specifications and plating treatments – Turin – ZINCOPLATING

This should serve to ensure that for these systems too, the changeover to Cr VI -free should be possible without any rbl to change the drawing. Zinc-nickel flexible fleXXcor Zinc-iron black blackcor.

To the customer benefits. Page 2 DBL More processes and coatings. Anodised Individual Learn more. Page 11 DBL Classification of corrosion resistance Kb Kb I Transport and storage protection, installation in oil gallery Kb II Very low corrosion resistance, installation on non-corrosive areas Kb III Low corrosion resistance, for parts, which may alter visually through corrosion Kb IV Medium corrosion resistance, for parts, in areas subject to a low level of corrosion Kb V High corrosion resistance, for parts in visible area, or where corrosion must be excluded for functional reasons Kb Vl Extremely high corrosion resistance.


Passivations are available in black or transparent form.

Zinc-nickel transparent transcor Learn more. In addition to this, the coater is expected to assess the process in detail FMEA with regard to all sub-stages, in which hydrogen could ingress into the material structure. Use this form to get in touch with your contact person at Holzapfel! These types of coating systems are standardized as “duplex coatings” in DIN However, the standard is not valid for fasteners with threads.

Dip Spin Specifications

We coat zinc-nickel black amongst others according to the following standards: Parts which still have this surface protection applied to them are subject to the requirements of DBL Edition 8.

Furthermore, the following information applies: Handling of tube inner surfaces specified. Subsequent sealing results in a further improvement of the corrosion protection. Headquarters of the Holzapfel Group Phone.: The product actually used for the creation of the passivation designation, manufacturer shall be indicated.


Don’t fill this field! A uniform appearance of the surface shall also be provided in a passivated and, dvl applicable, sealed condition. For any parts currently still in delivery phase which have a ZnCo coating, the requirements specified in Dbpedition SS individual anodisation Anodised individual hybrid Partial plus anodisation. Surfaces for parts, which are attached to body shells by means of welding, screw-connection or bonding and which together with the body run through the pre-treatment and painting process, are not parts of this DBL for the supply of materials.


Page 13 DBL Whereas formerly sealing was mainly performed using organic resin dissolved in water, recent developments have seen products used which contain nanoscaled SiO2, partly in combination with organic resin. May The parts supplier shall select the coating company. In the event of any changes regarding the coater or the process or significant parts of the process see 3.

The Holzapfel Group plates zinc-nickel according to the following standards: In comparison with traditional zinc surfaces, the corrosion protection is clearly improved, even when the platings are thin.

Page 4 DBL Technical Special Nickel Plating Learn more. These product versions may therefore only be used where the prohibition of Cr VI -compounds in corrosion protection coatings is not of relevance to the selected components see hereto also the notes in Section 1 of this DBL.

For this coating system the numbering of the product versions does not change when the transition is made to Cr VI -free. Care shall be taken to ensure that the properties of the parts are not impaired in this process. Anodised Individual Learn more.

General reference values for heat treatments for hydrogen effusion When coating components that are potentially subject to hydrogen embrittlement it is also expected that in addition to the measures specified above, additional preloading tests are performed to document the reliable uncritical process cycle.