Oct 01 2020

In his review of my book, American Holocaust: Columbus and the Conquest of the New World [NYR, June 24], J. H. Elliott does not take issue. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. Stannard, David E. American holocaust: Columbus and the conquest of the. New World I David E. Stannard. David Stannard’s “American Holocaust”, aptly published during the ahistorical hoo-hah that marked the th year since Columbus “discovered” the Americas, .

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For more help see the Common Knowledge help page. Stannard argues in this stunning new book, the European and white American destruction of the native peoples of the Americas was the most massive act of genocide in the history of the world. Makes the students think about terms such as genocide, ethnocide, etc. Puts the Columbus story in philosophical and historical perspective.

The same pattern of behavior was repeated throughout Mesoamerica. The missionary is a seller of a product called — Christianity and the Non-believer in to whose head it is being pushed is a consumer. Describing the differences between the ceremonial warfare of the Indians, with its limited casualties, and the total warfare of the Europeans, he then turns to the examples of New England’s Puritan leaders warfare with the local Indians, first on Block Island to avenge John Oldham’s murder and then in a war declared on the Pequots.

Indigenous peoples of the Americas. His book will be a necessary corrective.

American Holocaust: Columbus and the Conquest of the New World by David E. Stannard

Save to say that this book would piss a lot of people off, since calling the fate of the Native Americans’ genocide or better several genocides is something not many people want to hear, for various reasons. When a missionary talks about virtues of Christianity to convert a non-believe How do we test a religion within the framework of modern standards of Public morality and decency?

Rummel’s estimate is presumably not a single democide, but is a total of multiple democides, since there were many different governments involved. However, the writer redeems himself in the epilogue by touching into all large scale massacre, so I cannot actually keep this as a grudge against him.


American Holocaust: Columbus and the Conquest of the New World

He shows that the barbarity and cruelty of other Europeans was as bad as the Spaniards. During that time the native population of the Western Hemisphere declined by as many as one hundred million people. Quotes from American Holocaus His Enterprise “In a thoroughly documented narrative, David Stannard demolishes a score of historical myths, and turns American Holocaust into a searing account of what happened in the Americas after the arrival of Columbus.

Very, I am unhappy to say Working from source materials written by the Euro It’s like three books in one. Jun 02, John rated it it was amazing. Writing a column is sometimes an arduous to talk about American Indian Genocide: Personally, this book was a learning experience. Stannard’s research on the indigenous peoples of North and South America including Hawaii [1] has produced the conclusion that Native Americans had undergone the “worst human holocaust the world had ever witnessed, roaring across two continents non-stop for four centuries and consuming the lives of countless tens of millions of people.

It is an ideology that remains dangerously alive today, he adds, and one that in recent years has surfaced in American justifications for large-scale military intervention in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Turning first to the English in Virginia, he recounts the ways in which the members of the new Jamestown colony made war on the local Indians, destroying men, women and children.

David Stannard insists that we do. The picture of the numerous vibrant and vital human societies in the Americas pre is vividly presented to the reader. He is currently a writer and professor in the Department of American Studies at the University of Hawaiiwhere he was awarded the Regents’ Medal for Excellence in teaching.

Stannard deals with the question of the diseases the Europeans inadvertently brought with them though eventually a few enterprising pioneers of Biological warfare hit on the idea of giving Native Americans blankets which had previously been used by small pox victims for which Native Americans had no immunity. Feb 11, Hillary rated it really liked it Shelves: The same pattern of behavior was repeated throughout Mesoamerica. Relic Hunters James E.


Having said that, I believe that this piece of literature should be read by everyone.

But at this point, one can either shell up and hate the world, or take the newfound knowledge and move forward in a positive manner, aiming to educate others and get them “woke”. American Holocaust is a crushing condemnation of the European invasion, as well as a scathing indictment of Christian dogma, which Stannard argues was the cause of the early Europeans’s genocidal disposition. Let me remind you this issues such as health care, land and treaty rights, about U. Indeed, as historian Hollocaust E.

David Stannard First wave of European colonization Genocide of indigenous peoples. This book will open your eyes to the atrocities done to Native Americans from to the present.

The author weaves beautiful visuals of the Aztec’s, Cherokee, Inuit’s, and countless other nations that existed before being “invaded”. Survivors were made into slaves and the city was burned and all the gold looted. During that time the native population of the Western Hemisphere declined by as many as one hundred million people.

He insists that it would be wrong to idealize the native populations, for they did indeed perform human sacrifices and in some cases practice ritualistic cannibalism.

During that time the native population of the Western Hemisphere declined by as many as million people. I stopped several times reading the descriptions of the cities and towns and villages to imagine how beautiful it was. To see what your friends thought of this book, sgannard sign up. Feb 01, Sathyanarayanan D rated it it was amazing.