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Dvd home theatre system, Dav-dzw • Read online or download PDF • Sony DAV-DZW User Manual. DAV-DZW – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: User manual for the device Sony DAV-DZW. Online user manual database.

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Before operating this system, please read this manual thoroughly and retain it for future reference. Table of Contents Welcome!

Connecting the System and TV You can also use the controls on the unit if they have the same or similar names as those on the remote. Inserting batteries into the remote You can control the system using the supplied remote. Insert two R6 size AA batteries by matching the 3 and ends on the batteries to the markings inside the compartment.

To use the remote, point it at the remote sensor on the unit. Assembling the Speakers Before connecting the speakers, attach the speaker stand to the speaker. For the front and surround speakers. The procedure of assembling for the surround speaker L the left surround speaker is slightly different from the others. The surround speaker L has the IR receiver. For the front speakers and the surround speaker R Be careful with the orientation of the post.

Thread the speaker cord and the speaker system cord into the end of the post that has 2 holes.

Sony DAV-DZ830W Operating Instructions Manual

Bottom of the base Speaker cord For the surround speaker L Be careful with the orientation of the post. Attach the post cover to the other end fav-dz830w the post. Orient the slot toward you, attach the post cover so that the slot of the post engages with the tab of the post cover, then secure with the screw.

Speaker system cord surround speaker L only Speaker cord Connect dag-dz830w speaker cords and the speaker system cord to the speaker. When connecting the speaker cords, be sure to match the speaker cord to the appropriate terminal on the components: Attach the post to the base. Insert the post so that the slit on the lower part of the post aligns with the projection of the base, then secure the post with the 2 screws.

Adjust the height of the speaker. Loosen but do not remove the screws, adjust the height of the speaker, then secure the screws. Adjust the speaker of one side, then adjust another speaker by checking lines as a guide. Fully-assembled illustration Front speaker R: Red label White label White Surround speaker L: Blue label Gray label IR receiver Speaker system cord For other TV connections, see page For other component connection, see page To accept progressive signals, see page Refer to the connection diagram below, and read the additional information from 1 to 5 on the following pages.


To avoid short-circuiting the speakers Short-circuiting mamual the speakers may damage the system. Make sure the AM loop antenna aerial is connected firmly by pulling softly. Positioning the System Positioning the speakers For the best possible surround sound, all the speakers other than the subwoofer should be placed at the same distance from the listening position A.


Performing the Quick Setup Follow the steps below to make the minimum number of basic adjustments for using the system. Install the speakers on a vertical and flat wall where reinforcement is applied. The current type of video signals appears in the front panel display. The current signal appears in the front panel display. For video connection of other components, connect directly to the TV.

To listen to the portable audio source sound through the system Connect the audio output jacks of the portable audio source to the AUDIO IN jack on the front panel of the unit with the stereo mini-plug cord not supplied. Refer to the operating instructions supplied with your disc.

Turn on your TV. Switch the input selector on the TV to this system. Selecting the Movie or Music Mode You can choose a suitable sound mode for movies or music. The default setting is underlined. They bring exciting and powerful sound of movie theaters into your home.

As titles and tracks are assigned unique numbers on the disc, you can select the desired one by entering its number. Searching by Scene Picture Navigation You can divide the TV screen into 9 subscreens and find the desired scene quickly. The following display appears. The cursor moves to the track row [T] in this case, [01].

TRACK — — 3.

Sony DAV-DZW : Home Theater System User Manual

TRACK — — 4. TRACK — — 5. TRACK — — 6. The Control Menu display appears. Playing Repeatedly Repeat Play You can manuual all the titles, tracks or albums on a disc or a single title, chapter, track, or album mqnual. You can use a combination of Shuffle or Program Play modes. About audio signals Audio mmanual recorded in a disc contain the sound elements channels shown below.

Each channel is output from a separate speaker. Displaying the Subtitles If subtitles are recorded on a disc, you can turn the subtitles on or off while playing.

If multilingual subtitles are recorded on the disc, you can change the subtitle language while playing, or turn the subtitles on or off whenever you want. JPEG is image compression technology. When an album is being played, its title is shaded. Images of files in the album appear in 16 subscreens. To stop playback Press x. Before tuning, make sure to turn down the volume to minimum.


The last received station is tuned in. Create a name by using the cursor buttons. Letters, numbers, and other symbols can be input for a radio station. By adjusting the remote signal, you can control your TV with the supplied remote. Manula the appropriate code number.

This function may not work on some Sony TVs. Install the unit near the TV.

Using the Sound Effect Reinforcing bass frequencies You can reinforce bass frequencies. Bass frequencies are effectively reinforced. Using the Sleep Timer You can set the system to turn off at a preset time, so you can fall asleep listening to music.

The system menu turns off. Changing the Brightness of the Front Panel Manuxl The brightness of the front panel display can be set to either of 2 levels. Enter or re-enter your 4-digit password using the number buttons, then press The display for setting the playback limitation level appears. Press The setting is made. Connect the calibration mic to the A. The front of each speaker should face the calibration mic, and there should be no obstruction between the speakers and the calibration mic.

Then press The Setup item is selected. The default settings are sav-dz830w. Useful for watching movies at low volume late at night. Returning to the Default Settings You can return the system parameters, such as preset stations, to the default settings. If you have any questions or problems concerning your system, please consult your nearest Sony dealer.

Note that if service personnel changes some parts during repair, these parts may be retained. In the event of a problem with the surround system, have a Sony dealer check the entire system together main unit, IR transmitter, AC adaptor, and surround speaker L.

In this case, return the setting to interlace format the default setting page The IR status indicator on the surround speaker L flashes in orange. The disc does not play. Insert the disc with the playback side facing down. XX] X is a number may appear on the TV screen. Although this is not a malfunction and for Sony service use only, normal system operation will not be possible.

Turn off the system, and then turn on the system again to operate. Subdivision of a title on a DVD. A title is composed of several mqnual. Digital Cinema Auto Calibration Digital Cinema Auto Calibration was developed by Sony to automatically measure and adjusts the speaker settings to your listening dav-d8z30w in a short period of time.