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Abbreviation / Long Form: CWEQ-II / Conditions of Work Effectiveness Questionnaire-II Abbreviation: CWEQ-II (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation). Long Form. The main purpose of this paper is to examine the psychometric properties of the original five-point CWEQ II using Item Response Theory (IRT) methods, followed . Background: The article presents the Polish adaptation of the Conditions for Work Effectiveness Questionnaire II (CWEQ II), developed by Laschinger et al.

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The posed tests in this study differ from the original, therefore the analyses were made through structural equations that would not be compatible with the objectives of this research.

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The instrument in the Portuguese version was applied to a group of 40 nurses in two hospitals. Workplace empowerment and magnet hospital characteristics as predictos of patient safety climate. Moreover, for the estimation of the model the technique of main components was used contrary to the traditional method of Maximum Probability, that assumes Multivariable Normality of the answers.

Kanter’s theory of structural empowerment is the theoretical framework on which the Conditions for Work Effectiveness Questionnaire Laschinger et al. The demanding nature of nursing work environments signals longstanding and growing concerns about nurses’ health and job satisfaction and the provision of quality care.

Regarding AIC and BIC measures, they are comparative measures of fit and so they are informative only when two or cwew different models are estimated. Items were derived from Kanter’s original ethnographic study of work empowerment and modified by Chandler for use in a nursing population. The instrument in the Portuguese version was applied to a group of 40 nurses in two hospitals.


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Item Response Theory A. Knowledge and power necessary to reconstruct nursing after management changes at a teaching hospital.

These systematic conditions, labeled as formal and informal power by Kanterinfluence empowerment, cseq results in increased work effectiveness.

There were determined as eligibility criteria: Analysis of validity and reliability of the adapted portuguese version of Antonovsky’s Sense of Coherence Questionnaire among nursing professionals. Nurses involved in power-sharing activities demonstrate a greater commitment to the organization and have improved job satisfaction.

This process was done by a professional translator whose first language was English and who was not involved in the first translation. Page 1 of 1. Journal of Nursing Administration31 Allergy and Immunology Yet there have been no previous studies of perceptions of empowerment specifically among emergency department ED nurses. Showing of 41 references. Empowerment is also a psychological process, which occurs when one has a sense of motivation in relation to the workplace environment.

Structural empowerment is the ability to mobilize all available opportunities, information, resources and support in an organization.

This study examines the relationship between perceptions of structural empowerment and anticipated turnover among critical care nurses. The relationship of nursing work environment to empowerment and powerlessness. Empowerment is a polysemic concept that has been used in an increasing form, mainly as from the 90’s. Also shown are the reliability and discrimination of the instrument when each item is removed.


The methodological procedure consisted of the stages of translation of the instrument into the Portuguese language; back-translation; semantic, idiomatic and cultural equivalence and tests of the final version.

Structural and psychological empowerment climates, performance, and the moderating role of shared felt accountability: It is to conclude that the extended model of The Conditions of Work Effectiveness Questionnaire – CWEQ-II supplies a tool for the understanding of intervention mechanisms within the work conditions and the process of organizational qualification 9. These results might indicate different workplace perceptions and job characteristics. To investigate the status of structural empowerment, job stress and burnout in China, and to explore the relationships among them.

Future research should investigate its construct validity and test the nomological network of the operationalized construct within the field of psychological well-being and in the context of the workplace.

cwe Access to opportunity refers to the possibility of growth and movement within the organization as well as the opportunity to increase knowledge and skills. This study was conducted to explore issues of nurse managers’ power and empowerment.

In order to address the issue of multivariate non-normality, Jackknife Repeated Replication JRR was conducted to estimate the sampling variability of all statistics presented.