Mar 19 2020

Spacer. News & Events. Printers > Kiosk Printer Matrix > Custom Kiosk/Receipt Printers. Custom TGH Kiosk/Receipt Printer – 3 inch Paper Width. The TGH and TGH EJ ticket printers, receipt printers, barcode printers and label printers Custom TG H thermal printer multi position paper roll. Description. Industrial printer for kiosk/solution and service kiosk. Fast, reliable, and versatile. Metal frame (galvanized/aluminium alloy); High print quality (

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CUSTOM Receipt Printer TG2480 H

Contact us Do you have questions or wish to receive further information? Control print settings including color, number of copies, paper orientation, Cut mode and presentation. E-Paper Display – Double Retail, Hospitality and Advertising. They can be used in self-service kiosks, ATMs, banking machines, gaming machines, parking meters, vending machines, photo kiosks, queue management systems and much more.

Halo Hard Hat Safety Light. The TG series has an huge amount of sensors built in to keep it running fast and smoothly. TG H user manual. Ticket Printers – Kiosk. Save to Product List.


80 mm ticket / receipt printer

Military and Emergency Services Headsets. Another plus of the TG series is that they’re extremely reliable. Industrial and Embedded Computers.

Running Android version 4. Cashless and Secure Payment. Version with motorized ejector available Patented Anti Jamming System Multi-position paper roll Metal structure that provides increased rigidity for the printing mechanism and facilitates motor cuustom dissipation, resulting in improved stability and reliability over time Improved distribution of the head-roller pressure, resulting in improved printing quality.

Self-service kiosks Banking machines Gaming machines Parking meters Photo kiosks Queue management systems Vending machines. This site uses cookies, to learn more click here.

Touch Screens Touch Monitors. Both versions have multiple positions for the paper roll. POS and Retail Systems.

Sonis Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders. E-Paper Display – 32″. Barcodes and multiple character tv2480h are supported by the TG series. Keep me in the loop.

Chameleon for Digital Signage. Allows printing of text complete with special characters tb2480h graphics with excellent print quality. Card Readers and Card Writers. E-Paper Display – Single To download the files of this area please link to: Printers A4 Thermal Printers.


Thermal Printers : CUSTOM Receipt Printer TG H | Printers | Hardware | BSS

Head temperature, paper presence, paper jamming, ticket collection, optional near paper end sensor. By clicking OK you accept the use of cookies. The TG series of ticket printers, receipt printers, barcode printers and label printers are suitable for various applications.

All In One PC.

Industrial Networking Industrial Ethernet Switches. An example of this being the cutter rated at over 1, cuts as well as a patented anti jamming system. These are other products with similar performance and technical features.

Normal, height and width from 1 to 4, bold, negative, underlined, script. Air Conditioners – Thermoelectric Peltier. Media Players and CMS. Air Conditioners – Compressor Based. The software can even be set cuatom send email alerts, making easier remote maintenance operations. E-Paper Display – Triple Ticket Printers – Desktop. SDK available for iOS: Thermal Management – Air Conditioners.