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Most people on Spain hate this “Crazy” National Event. Ya podrian aprender los guiris los primeros y los de la villa de madrid los siguientes. I don’t understand how Bullfighting can be an art! Si no comprenden algo que no les concierne, que se queden en su granja de Ohio. I for one, toast the young man who lost his life during this years enciero or “running”, and his need for a dangerous adventure.

Pero claro es que es una tradicion This may be an old and controversial event, but I support the right of the bulls to mess some people up. It comes back to the Golden Rule, as always The specific spelling of countries in english if you’re not a native english speaker is not common knowledge.

El que no haya visto una buena corrida de toros no puede opinar, porque no entiende la magia que existe. Also, if carmmela not vegetarian and are horrified by these pictures, maybe now is a good time to dig up some abattoir photos and have some introspection – to see whether or not you’re equally horrified by the consequences of your own actions.

Cuida Tus Ojos

Que miren los miles y miles de muertos que han dejado sus guerras para liberarnos del mal. What if that animal was your dog or your cat? If you live in the rest of spain the people dont cuidq this shit Killing might be necessary, but it doesn’t mean that it has to be painful and be called as “sports”. Asi que venga todos a Burguer It is the reason because the spanish people produce brave bulls, we run with him, we see him grow and when he’s adult one human fight whit him for live the most brave are indulted.


The Festival of San Fermin, – Photos – The Big Picture –

If they are truely brave enough, try fighting with Lions or Tigers which are carnivorous. My Uncle went to a Bull Fight and got kicked out for cheering every time the bull got the matador. The bulls bred for this traditional celebrations live a better life than the poor cows attached to a milking machine.

What the hell do we ojso live in the dark ages where people go out to the colleseum and compete to the death!!!

Sois MUY jovenes y no teneis tradiciones ni camrela, mas alla de todo lo relacionado con guerras y armas. I wish more people would be killed, may be this “tradition” would come to an end. They fight with honor and they are beatiful until the end. How many of you can say the same? Disney is the guilty, this bunch of zoophiles believe that the bulls can speak and sing songs.

Si hay alguien que disfruta viendo los toros, que vayan. A mi no me gustan mucho las corridas de toros, pero me encanta este animal. So dont talk about the bulls cose there are many, many things much worse than this. But for my its just a person dress like a clown who torture and torment to the death and animal.

Si quieres una lucha natural y de igual a igual, que el matador lo mate con sus propias manos y sin capote. A los que criticais esto solo os quiero decir que, aunque os parezca brutal y sin sentido, estos toros son los que mejor vida tienen de todos.

This is art and tradicion! Y, como bien se ha dicho en este foro Bullfights are an awesome spectacle, designed as a tribute to Nature, and in particular, a tribute to the true carmwla of this fierce species we’ve ruthlessly enslaved. All together are stronger.


You and the others who thinks it is fun to show your power over animals like this are really amazing. Torture something and you deserve the same in return, bull, human, whatever Dating back tothe running of the bulls or “Le Fiesta de Sanfermin” is a wonderful and symbolic event. Toreros asesinos, despojados de honor, faltos de cordura, criminales impunes, cobardes vitoreados por ignorantes sedientos de sangre. Ever seen how cattle die at a cosher meat plant? And onIraq is spelt with a Q in English, not in all languages.

When I see this images I feel embarrased of being Spanish. Many “runners” in this event are outsiders who don’t know the security rules, and that makes it much more dangerous than it should be.

Please, say everywhere that you are against that tradition in Spain and abroad. It is even more traditional in south of Spain. Buy if nowadays we kill for fun. I’m Spanish and young like paumania and I have opposite feelings about bullfighting: If they weren’t used for that, they wouldn’t exist as it happened in the rest of Europe Los antitaurinos que yo los respecto tambien se tendrian que quejar de las matanzas crueles de miles de ballenas, tiburones, etc Igual o peor tratan a las vacas en el matadero,y bien que os zampais los chuletones cuando los sacais de la bandeja de poliespan.

I think the whole thing is terrible. Ahora todo el mundo diciendo que si bien, que si mal The iberian people spanish people but thousands years later had this tipe of celebrations. There is a very distinct line between eating meat and taunting these bovines to death.