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Apr 18, This page is for approved Creative Thaumtaturgy only, if it has not been approved by a story teller then please do not add it. The ArCana. + oF +. CreatIve Thaumatury. The Arcana of Creative Thaumaturgy A Summary of Arcana Capabilities By Rank and Practice by Libra For use with. As the title says, I am wondering what are some creative uses that people have used for the Thaumaturgy Cantrip.

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The target takes damage according to how the press of years would affect them – mortals grow older and infirm, vampires might get lethargic and desirous of Sleep, etc.

Last edited by Ophidimancer ; The mage creates an object in the digital world space accessed through the Thaumarurgy 4 spell Virtual Voyage. Death grants power over ghosts and the undead, as well as the more esoteric aspects of death, such as darkness, decay, and of course the sundering of souls. However, when any other object tries to intersect with the insubstatiated object, it behaves as normal.

Since I read Tomehowever, I’ve come to understand so much more about the Magic of using the Arcana to achieve anything.

Fate is the Subtle ruling Arcanum of Arcadia. Enough to turn solids into gases. With the advent of Awakening’s Second Edition.


White Wolf and Mage: However, a mage’s pattern may not: For some time, the art of making pattern-stable tass in the fallen world has been elusive, but rumors spoke of the practice. It may be still too early to speculate on this, but.

The donor does not lose access to the merit. Subterfuge, Occult, Survival Another tool that a Mage can use when negotiating with Spirits is to offer protecting their secrets from their enemies. If you’re new and you add a spell, I’ll find you on the site update list, and I’ll make your page as soon as I find time.


None The mage can shape the environment in the digital space accessed by the Mind 4 spell Virtual Voyage to create an abode or protected space that can be accessed there.

Conversely, wrathful spirits might physically lash out at visitors, causing them harm. This page was last modified on 27 Januaryat Like Body Mastery pCreativee before it, the mage is able to invigorate the target’s body, causing all forms of damage to heal more rapidly.

Possibly because you need to know about something to affect it Overview The following spells are non-canon Creative Thaumaturgy Spells that are approved for play on Fallcoast.

You might be jumping the gun, given that it’s still five ceative away. Rank Suggested rote skills: To attach a tag simply click on the tags button at the bottom of any page.

Whenever their Peripheral Sight is activated, they may immediately use an instant action, representing a few seconds ‘attuning’ to the sensation, to get a flash of insight that reveals the anything to them that a turn of watching the offending supernal power or phenomenon with Active Mage Sight might provide, as if only the character’s Ruling Arcana were used. I will do my best to organize and use this crrative post to collate our finished products, so that other fourmites and new players can reference your ideas in their own games.

The Book of Worlds: The Arcana of Creative Thaumaturgy

Perfecting or Weaving Action: Here is the quick and dirty list of Arcana matches with Purview this is just off the top of my head: Though fetishes are more common, some mages are familiar with what the werewolves call “gazhdum”, or “ghost-touched objects. Hhaumaturgy can cause good or ill fortune, bestow blessings, render curses, create Supernally binding Oaths.


Granting the Rote Action Quality. These are not always top priority for approval and are subject to staff vetting. Storyteller’s Vault Writer WoD: Please make sure to summarize your changes in the note box when editing pages. Last edited by Cleverest of Things ; The Awakening 2nd Edition] Basics of Spellcasting.

It wouldn’t even need to be a long duration. Originally posted by Axelgear View Post.

The original poster assumed Matter was key, and others debated that Forces was the better Arcanum. Welcome page What is a Wiki Site? His interpretation is more scientific, involving condensing both ambient and internal mana reserves, but the creagive is applicable to all mages, and after doing so, he provides his notes to the consilium, for all the thaumaturgt to benefit, as well as submitting it to the magisterium for distribution at conclave. By adding Forces, a type of energy can travel through an object as though it were not present.

How to edit pages?

Of course, making that many glowing objects wouldn’t happen. As I understand it, the Temonos is the Collective Soul of sorts, and can probably be consisted partially of “Everyone’s Knowledge” or am I misinterpreting completely?

All of the orders have slight variations of this rote, given the wide range of uses.