Aug 26 2020

View and Download Contax T2 instruction manual online. T2 Film Camera pdf manual download. I have a few questions about the operation of the Contax T2. 1. If I have a Given that you’re still in manual aperture mode? 3. P = Program. Contax t2 instruction manual – english version contax_t2/ Other CONTAX T manuals here!.

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Save Cancel Drag to set position! Overview Discussions Photos Members Map. Hi, I have a few questions about the operation of the Contax T2.

If I have a selected aperture, other than 2.

When I encounter this, I increase the f stop to a higher number such as f 5. What is the correct course of action here if I want the picture? Does the exposure compensation dial’s results get reflected in the viewfinder display?

I don’t think it is in mine. When P is displayed in the viewfinder, it means it’s in P mode.

Contax T2 – it’s chunky, but it’s good!

Is this sort of like an automatic mode? Will setting it to AF on the top dial and 2. Will the camera pick the right aperture even if it’s physically on f 2. When I am shooting in landscape mode, does it negate the aperture dial? Hansen 6 years ago.


Using exposure compensation should change the shutter speed, yes. Given that you’re still in manual aperture mode? It’ll select whatever aperture is best to make a correct exposure. I don’t understand the question.

Changing the camera between landscape and portrait orientation doesn’t change the exposure, given you’re still pointing the camera at the same thing.

Edited by sygyzy member 6 years ago.

David, thank you very much for your helpful replies! For question 4 I did not mean which way I oriented the camera. I meant putting the mode dial on the landscape mode which is between automatic and manual focus. I think the reason I asked the question was I noticed the same shutter speed while changing aperture.

As for question 2, I think I was probably in automatic mode when making the EV change. I will try again in manual aperture mode. Finally, for question 1 – I am using Kodak Portra film. I am afraid contzx going lower because I won’t be able to shoot in lower light.


Contax T2 Instruction Manual

I guess this means sacrificing some outdoor shots. Salvador Diablo 6 years ago. Try setting the camera to program AE 2.

Yes changing the exposure compensation should change the shutter speed in both program AE and aperture priority modes. Setting the top dial to infinity only affects focus, it turns off the auto focus and sets the lens at infinity. It doesn’t affect the aperture, if you set the aperture contaz 2.

Contax T2 Manuals

Perhaps it’s because the sun was so bright even stepping it down -2 made no difference? I will check again next time I put film in the camera. Thanks for your help with all three questions.

Sweet Grain Oh Mine 6 years ago.

There is much “headroom”.