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Conosci le tue paure e vincile by Susan Jeffers, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Readers’ questions about Conosci le tue paure e vincile. 1 question answered. : Conosci le tue paure e vincile () and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at great prices.

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I am about to teach another fear class. The classroom is empty. I am waiting for my new group of students to appear. My nervousness about teaching these classes disappeared a long time ago.

Not only have I taught it many times, but I paude know my students before I meet them.

Susan Jeffers

They are like the rest of us: As the students enter the room, I can feel the tension. They sit as far apart from one another as possible, f the seats between must be filled because of lack of space. I love them for their courage to admit that their lives are not working the way they want them to work. And their presence pqure the class signifies that they are ready to do something about it.

I begin by going around the room asking each student to tell the rest of us what he or she is having difficulty confronting in life. Don wants to change his career of fourteen years and follow his dreams of becoming an artist. Mary Alice is an actress who wants to discover why she finds all kinds of excuses for not attending auditions. Sarah wants to leave a marriage of fifteen years. Teddy wants to get over his fear of aging.

He is all of thirty-two. Jean is a senior citizen who wants to confront her doctor; he treats her like a child and never gives her any straight answers. Rebecca wants to confront her husband with things that have been bothering her. Kevin wants tud get over a fear of rejection that makes it very difficult to ask a woman for a date. Laurie wants to ttue why she is unhappy when she has everything one could possibly want in life.

Richard is retired and feels useless. He cnoosci his life is over. As each person shares from the heart, the entire atmosphere begins to change.

First, my students begin to realize that they are not vincilee only ones in the world feeling afraid. Second, they begin to see how attractive people become as they open up and share their feelings. Long before the last person has spoken, a feeling of warmth and camaraderie pervades the room. They are strangers no more. Although the backgrounds and situations of the class members vary greatly, it does not take long for the surface layers of their particular stories to disappear, opening the way for everyone to touch on a very human level.

The common denominator is the fact that fear is keeping all of them from experiencing life the way they want to experience it. The scenario above repeats itself in each fear class I teach. At this point you might be wondering how one course can accommodate all the diverse fears reported by the conowci members—their needs seem cinosci be so varied.


Fear can be broken down into three levels. The first level is the surface story, such as the ones described above. This level of fear can be divided into two types: Here is a partial list of Level 1 fears divided into these types: One of the insidious qualities of fear is that it tends to permeate many areas of our lives. For example, if you fear making new friends, it then stands to reason that you also may fear going to parties, having intimate relationships, applying for jobs, and so on.

This is made clearer by a look at the second layer of fear, which has a very different feel from that of Level 1. Level 2 fears are not situation-oriented; they involve the ego. Level 2 Fears RejectionBeing conned SuccessHelplessness FailureDisapproval Being vulnerableLoss of image Level 2 fears have to do with inner states of mind rather than exterior situations.

They reflect your sense of self and your ability to handle this world. This explains why generalized fear takes place. If you are afraid of being rejected, this fear will affect almost every area of your life—friends, intimate relationships, job interviews, and so on. Rejection is rejection—wherever it is found. So you begin to protect yourself, and, as a result, greatly limit yourself.

You begin to shut down and close out the world around you. Look over the Level 2 list once again, and you will see how any one of these fears can greatly impact many areas of your life. Level 3 gets down to the nitty-gritty of the issue: But the truth is this: The Level 1 fears translate to: The Level 2 fears translate to: I know you are probably not jumping up and down for joy just yet, but believe me when I tell you that I have just given you a great piece of news.

What I have just told you means you can handle all your fears without having to control anything in the outside world. This should be a tremendous relief. You no longer have to control what your mate does, what your friends do, what your children do, or what your boss does. I am belaboring the point because it is so critical.

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway: : Susan Jeffers: Libri in altre lingue

From this moment on, every time you feel afraid, remind yourself that it is simply because you are not feeling good vncile about yourself. Then proceed to use one or more of the tools in this book to help build yourself up.

You have your task clearly mapped out for you. There is no reason for confusion. I know that some fear is instinctual and healthy, and keeps us alert to trouble. The rest—the part that holds us back from personal growth—is inappropriate and destructive, and perhaps can be blamed on our conditioning. Her answer to my pleas was always the same: When I was told it was time for me to leave, I whispered in her ear—not knowing if she could hear me—that I loved her and would vincilf back later.


And I know she typifies the great percentage of mothers out there. Apart from such seemingly obvious connections, the cause of our fear quite possibly lies elsewhere. But does it really matter where our self-doubts come from?

It is not my approach to analyze the whys and wherefores of troublesome areas of the mind. I believe that if something is troubling you, simply start from where you are and take the action necessary to change it. Knowing this creates a very clear, even laserlike, focus on what needs to be changed. What matters is that you begin now to develop your trust in yourself, until you reach the point where you will be able to say: Remember that I was once a doubting Thomas myself. Just read on and let the book unfold.

Give yourself a winning chance by using the tools provided throughout this book. As you do, you will find yourself coming closer and closer to such a high level of self-confidence that you will ultimately begin to realize that you can handle anything that comes your way.

Scarica una delle app Kindle gratuite per iniziare a leggere i libri Kindle sul tuo smartphone, tablet e computer. Per scaricare una app gratuita, inserisci il numero di cellulare. Se sei un venditore per questo prodotto, desideri suggerire aggiornamenti tramite il supporto venditore? Whatever your fear, here is your chance to push through it once and for all. In this enduring guide vinciel self-empowerment, Dr. Susan Jeffers inspires us with dynamic techniques and profound concepts that have helped countless people grab hold of their fears and move forward with their lives.

Conoosci insight and humor, Dr. Conosdi shows you how to become powerful in the face of your fears—and enjoy the elation of living a creative, joyous, loving life.

I recommend this book in every one of my seminars! The most practical guide to personal empowerment I have ever read.

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