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Prism v2 – Guidance and Patterns for WPF and Silverlight. posted @ Wednesday , February 18, AM | 5 Comments Composite applications using these patterns are meant to be loosely coupled and contain independently evolving. Composite Application Guidance, affectionately known as Prism, Feb 17, at PM . Added the following code in VB Support in P&P Composite Application Guidance for WPF and Silverlight. Comments | Posted on Wednesday, March 25, AM | Back to top.

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Use Separated Presentation patterns to maximize the amount of shared code. Develop the core application in silverlight. Which classes tor commands? The services are built on robust SQL Server database and Windows Server technologies, providing high availability and security.

In your classes, use the service locator to obtain service instances. Why are WPF routed commands not used?

The CompositePresentationEvent is a generic class that requires the payload type to be defined as the generic type. The shell may contain named regions where modules can specify the views that will appear. Does “loading modules on demand” mean e. Obviously, this is slightly over simplified for silvedlight example, with no exception handling for instance, but it shows the concept in action.

  ASTM D1192 PDF

When would you want to use RegionContext? Create a Silverlight Class library. Divide the functionality into discrete module assemblies. So in the Prism 2 release you are provided: What three things are done during initialization?

Primary Navigation

Tagged as C 3. What are the ways to populate a ModuleCatalog? Stock Trader Reference Implementation This is a reference implementation for cokposite a composite application. Region with the given name is already registered: How to modules’ views communicate with each other, where is an exact example?

Add 1, projectsEmployee1 ; but notice they don’t just have the EmployeeService class but the interface, important for decoupling: Full client applications are SO powerful. This enables easy replacement of the dependency concrete implementation without modifying your classes’ source code. What do classes do during initialization? Shell, and allow Visual Studio to create a new web site to host it.

Prism v2 – Guidance and Patterns for WPF and Silverlight

Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud: Sign up using Facebook. A lot of behavior can now be described in state as XAML. Below are the steps to load assembly silverlightt demand and with the benefits of strong typing.


If you have an existing application that you are adding the Composite Application Library to, you can initialize the bootstrapping process after the application is already running.

This article demonstrates one possible way of applicaiton Silverlight 3’s new navigation functionality including deep-linking support with some benefits provided by Prism – in particular, the ability for loosely coupled modules to inject views into navigation pages, and for modules to be loaded on-demand, thereby minimizing the initial download.

View class also forwards user events to the presenter class, so it must maintain a reference to the presenter. When adding the Prism components, we will provide the bootstrapper, which will in turn direct the application to a ModulesCatalog.

Stock Trader Reference Implementation. You should consider using the Composite Application Guidance in any of the following scenarios:.

Need Help Nigel Ferrissey Dec 9: Any suggestions are appreciated.