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Afghanistan has 1, million hectares of forest land out of whichhectares is in Paktia andin the Kunar region, the rest is scattered in the northern and western parts of the country.

Chairman, concerns the subject of forest protection from fires which is a serious problem in many countries having a dry climate. One cannot exaggerate the importance of forestry to the national economy both economically and ecologically. In fact it is very close to our own policy for the development of forestry. I don’t know that I entirely agree with some of the report, particularly the word “alarm” which is expressed about fertilizer prices.

Accordingly I find that the action programme proposed for concentrates only on the rural poor. Most important of them are:. It is exactly for this reason that they remain backward and bypassed by the national development activities.

They have emphasized that the food problem was the responsibility of all and must therefore be the concern of all for priority solutions in this Conference. Significa reconocer que la gente es la fuerza motriz del desarrollo y no simplemente el objeto pasivo del desarrollo”. It covered problems of forestry, wood and paper industry, and nature protection. Firstly, technical research, designing and organizational assistance in carrying out rational forest management, industrial wood processing, wildlife and environmental protection, game management, and organization of national parks and nature reserves.

My Governement gives very high credibility and acceptability to the Jakarta Declaration, and extends its gratitude and congratulations to the staff of the Eight World Forestry Congress and to the Governement and people of Indonesia for the preparation of this Congress. However, the Declaration will reinforce and further inform our own policy on forestry.

Implementation of the Fifth Five-Year Plan is being undertaken through the following measures. Nutritious grass varieties will be grown, and where. I think it is proper that this twentieth FAD Conference should draw attention to this source of food for people.

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wore Future contributions of Polish forestry and wood industries to FAO activities com take various forms. It also entails not only a new approach to forest land use, but also a reorientation of national land use policies, which finally should lead to a new international land – use order as forests wherever they are located wrd significant shareholders in the land and water household of the earth. And I would urge FAO and other bodies to assist in introducing, or intensifying vocational training and in general training at all levels.

It was not only a global stocktaking and a reappraisal of the role which forests, forestry and foresters have so far played, but also an international pledge of a new dimension in forestry as an integrated part of man’s overall endeavour to develop fully his potentials in the struggle to satisfy his desires and realize his ideals.


The Director-General should therefore be empowered by the Conference to approach the UNDP and other financial institutions to make extra efforts to increase their share of funding for agricultural production purposes, in the developing countries particularly.

In the Philippines, the FAO Fertilizer Programme at present involved 15 provinces, in which 1, fertilizer demonstration trials had been laid down in on rice in farmers’ fields and, in 2 provinces, 28 fertilizer demonstration trials on flue-cured tobacco. I would now like to apprise you briefly of the position of this sector in Pakistan. Most of Kenya and a lot of areas in Africa are in the category of semi-arid, or arid, and there is a great need for carrying out research in afforestation in these areas.

Attention is drawn to the alarming rate at which tropical forest ecosystems are being destroyed but is should be emphasized that because of lack of knowledge of these ecosystems we do not know what potential benefits for mankind have been destroyed at the same time. This is important because we only need to seek the means now. The Declaration made a commendable attempt to focus on the possibilities forestry may use in contributing to the solution of the problems the world economy is facing.

We have taken an inventory of our foreste. The Conference urged the United Nations, and the specialized agencies to provide adequate technical and financial aid in addition to present international and bilateral aid to the developing countries to combat desertification through scientific forest and pasture management. The whole of our agricultural sector, indeed the survival of the entire country, is dependent on this 10, acres of forest which occupies the centre of the island and from which all streams radiate.

The increasing productivity of the main coniferous forests and irrigated plantation by introducing intensive fast-growing species. We believe that the Declaration is already taken by FAO as a useful document for guidance in its further activities with the Member Countries. In my country there has been a dramatic shift in demand from these types of energy to charcoal and fuel wood without the requisite shifts in supply to cope with the demad.

The highly reduced level of financial contributions by the UNDP has been noted with great concern. This means a new orientation of forest policies and a review of existing management systems of tropical forests which should be adjusted to physical, economic and social conditions of local rural communities, which vary from region to region, even within individual countries.

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Now we work on its implementation in practice. The method of cutting forests is very primative and it causes a lot of damage to forest lands. They also know that if arquivoo cultivators learn how to cultivate the soil more intensively and grow their food crop more rationally, or if they can find an alternative living which is better than to continue practising shifting cultivation, they would abandon their slash and burn habit.


Governments should be urged to study this report and consider the contribution they can make to advancing the knowledge of these ecosystems which are not only part of our common heritage but are essential to the continued well-being of the human race.

At that time it cannot be repaired. Here I would like to draw your kind attention to the recommendations made by the Nairobi Conference on Desertification. In order to bring self-sufficiency in main staple food grains in Korea today we have devoted our efforts not only to land reform, the green revolution and assimilated the current revision of integrated rural development movement, but also transforming of forestry land into agriculture land.

Thousands of hectares of these pastures are destroyed every year due to lack of any programme for their preservation and protection.

They provide cover to the mountains, haul down large precipitation, prevent soil losses and check the onward march of deserts. I can assure you that the general trend of discussions in the Plenary has not changed much from what I reported yesterday. We would however like to stress here that FAO and international assistance to boost activity in this sector would be appreciated. Chairman, our delegation in Jakarta supported the Declaration and now once again my delegation supports the Jakarta Declaration and also supports FAO assistance in their forest development.

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In support of the delegate from Guyana on agro-forestry, forestry contributes substantially to food supply but our problem as foresters is that whoever produces food is called a farmer so we do arquovo take the credit though we contribure substantially.

We feel that the Wordd Forestry Congress was a significant forum that addressed itself to a matter of fundamental importance. Cojo is rural development. On the other hand, if the needs of the rural population are the only basis for decision it would certainly not solve the problems of necessary products for the people of the world.

Governments are made aware of the consequences of the trends that have prevailed so far and the need for establishing long term programmes, going far beyond the area of forests as such.

The accumulated interest generated from the operation of the pilot scheme was used to support group training courses and study tours within the country, to defray expenses for farmers’ field days, purchase of fertilizer kits and for other purposes that salvr promote improvement of rational use, marketing and distribution of fertilizer. Arqukvo recommend specifically a more intensive use of remote sensing techniques. This Forestry Congress had the courage, as expressed by our Minister of Agriculture in his general statement as leader of the Indonesian Delegation, to break away from traditional approaches which separated foresters from rural people and forestry from rural development.

I also wish to express my appreciation to Dr.