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COADE Pipe Stress Analysis Seminar Notes – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) , Text File .txt) or read book online. Download COADE Pipe Stress Analysis Seminar Notes. Scribd is the world’s largest social reading and publishing friends, i have a very old edition of “coade pipe stress analysis-seminar notes” (i think ).

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The number and location of supports should be determined by the location and strength of building steel. If the thermal travel is zero, or very small, then it is hypothesized that a rigid support can he used in place of the spring.

Manufacturer’s Tables – This entry is used to designate the manufacturer of the springs and thus the hanger table to he used, as weIl as certain design criteria relating to selection of the hangers within this table. The extent to which rigid supports are chosen can be controlled by this criteria. Cold load design balances the weight loads in the cold, rather than the hot, condition. The next run ofpipe accommodates a full 23 foot run, so two supports can be located between node points 30 and Likewise, the maximum number of springs that the user will permit may be specified in the event that CAESAR II has to split the load in order to meet space criteria.

COADE Pipe Stress Analysis Seminar Notes

Now supports can be located elsewhere in the system, starting at the nozzle at node point If the piping system is relatively rigidly restrained, the DLF can he calculated by fin ding the natural period ofvibration ofthe valve installation, treating it as a single degreeof-freedom oscillator: Tension in the pipe wall is not continuous when there are expansion joints or slip joints present in the system.

Expansion joints resemble bellows and provide very flexible pipe legs within very short leg lengths. AdminGlobal ModMod.


However, it is preferable to locate supports above the center ofgravity oflong risers in order to prevent toppling. Additionally, support manufacturers typically limit the range of a hanger rod’s arc in to values such as 60, where the coadf can be calculated as: Thank you for interesting in our services.

The next concern is the placement of supports on the riser.

This section presents the task on a detailed level, presenting ideas for modeling of various piping configurations and explaining specific analyses which may be performed to evaluate individual piping components. Since these materials constitute the majority of the piping materials in use, and since most cyclic loading events comprise much fewer than 50, cycles, the effects of mean stress on fatigue life are negligible for piping materials with ultimate strengths belowpsi.

Sifs, interpretations,Coade seminar notes and confussion – Intergraph CADWorx & Analysis

For mitered elbows, the maximum allowable pressure is calculated differently depending on whether the angle of the miter cut is less than or greater than The simplest method of estimating pipe stresses due to weight is to first consider the pipe as being a continuous run, with supports located at constant intervals this is a somewhat accurate model ofpiping traveling horizontally, mounted on racks, and with a minimum ofin-line components: These limitations are of the most concern when modeling the following situations pointers for increasing accuracy in each situation are also given: In many design problems the joint is used to protect a sensitive piece of equipment from excessive nozzle loads.

This is done by forcing an unbalanced hot load usually an overload at the hanger location nearest to the equipment nozzle. This is codified in the requirement that expansion analysis need not be explicitly done for a system meeting the following conditions: On some construction sites short range springs are considered specialty items, and are only used where available spring installation clearance is small and where travel from cold to hot is small.


If an earthquake is modeled as having a 0. CAESAR II flags these with a warning during the analysis and reports them as zero load constant effort supports in the hanger table during output.


Failure may occur with a single application ofthe load. They must still be considered for the support loads, of course. Note that failures that occur due to single load applications usually involve pressure hoop stress design failures and are not directly addressed by CAESAR n or by the flexibility stress requirements ofthe codes. They have coqde the maximum allowable piping weight spans based upon the following criteria: Static earthquake loads are determined and applied in a manner very similar to static wind loads.

The actual installed load case is important if the springs are to be adjusted or checked in the cold condition, or if the spring’s cold load is being set zeminar position, rather than at the factory. The effects of non-linear restraints must be simulated through an iterative codae aimed at convergence of the non-linear restraints inlegitimate states-forexample, with the pipe liftedoffataone-way support and with the support function removed from the analysisor with the pipe sliding along a frictional restraint and with an appropriate force applied along that line of action in the analysis.

The logic diagram shown in Figure should serve as a guideline when setting up and analyzing wind load cases to satisfy piping code requirements. Dave Diehl cade, Richard Ay.

It is clear that this system meets the first three criteria – the system is aIl of the same size, material, etc. Richard Ay Member Registered: