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“Túneles de Sangre” 3ra entrega de la saga Darren Shan. .. Newly endorsed by J.K. Rowling, this third book in the Cirque du Freak series follows the. El circo de los extranos / Cirque Du Freak: El Circo De Los Extranos & El Aprendiz De Vampiro & Tuneles De Sangre / Cirque Du Freak & the. Buy El circo de los extranos / Cirque Du Freak: El Circo De Los Extranos & El Aprendiz De Vampiro & Tuneles De Sangre / Cirque Du Freak & the Vampire’s.

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And I think the three of them are so cute as a weird little family.

Túneles de sangre – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Crepsley is victorious they leave the house with out a sound and also retrieve Evra. His snake-like friend is still there and now they act as if they are brothers.

I have read the first 2 books in Estonian but I remembered little, so it was nice to re-read it and also to read further. A vampire that live only on blood are vampenenze and they slaughtered the victims. Crepsley was perfect as always and even though I missed the circus and the other “freaks”, I loved them being in a new location.

Part three is about Darren, Evra, and Mr Crepsley traveling to a town, Darren getting a girlfriend, a vampaneze that is terrorizing the town no one knows it, but he is killing humans. The books are written for children, but you never tunelez bored and tired to read because the stores are so interesting.


Tunnels of Blood Author: The writing is nice and easy, but still full of adult speech and words your 13 year old will not understand. Nov 07, Miranda Reads rated it really liked it Shelves: Trivia About Vampire Blood Tri Then we meet the weird vampanese.

It’s hard for me to find certain books in English that I can enjoy with my current skills because my reading skills are not the same as my reading abilities in Japanese.

In Tunnels of Blood, Darren and Mr.

View all 4 comments. Refresh and try again. Tjneles enjoyed this book No, nikdy jsem tu holku moc nemusela. Which, I found equally enjoyable when I was a middle school girl first reading this series.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. This was a fun, nostalgic read however there were a few things I wish I could change about it just to make it that little bit better. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Vampire Blood Trilogy by Darren Shan

Shanand Lady of the Shades. They were used at the end of sentences that certainly didn’t need them and made the story too immature even though I suppose it would appeal to a younger audience.

View all 8 comments. Maybe it would be less obvious to a twelve year old or they would have at least found it more interestingbut for me it was a draaaaaaaaaaaaag.


This young adult story was tailored to target a young audience, creating interesting storytelling and even encasing the essence of a little boy, too naive and inexperienced in the ways of the “real world”. When we improve our reading skills, we can write better.

The books are short, but true page-turners.

Túneles de sangre

So the two boys start to follow Crepsley to whether he is the villain. Pero tampoco son vampiros malos malosos que solo quieren chupar sangre, de hecho si bien el Sr. I wish they sticked to the storybo When the movie came out i didn’t bother watching after i heard bad reviews about it Sangrd a year and a half has passed since Darren’s last adventure.

I love the characters made up of circus performers, they intrigued me and I remembered feeling jealous of Darren because I wished I could cirue them too, especially the legendary Larten Crepsley who btw has his own series mind you. Overall, the book once again is a great book and I would most definitely recommend ffreak to a friend. The end of part one has Darren leaving town and his friend Steve vowing to follow him to the end of the Earth to kill him.