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An Arab account of the conquest of Sindh, the Chachnama is part myth in Mirza Kalich Beg translated the Persian edition into English. Not a book of translation; neither a conquest narrative Kufi frames his work: first , the Chachnama is a translation of an Arabic manuscript, and. In Mirza Kalich Beg, celebrated as the first Sindhi novelist, translated a 13th -century Persian text called Chachnama into English. Ali Kufi.

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I n Mirza Kalich Beg, celebrated as the first Sindhi novelist, translated a 13th-century Persian text called Chachnama into English.

Ali Kufi, the author of Chachnamain turn, claimed his work was a translation of an 8th-century work in Arabic. Since then, Chachnama has seeped into both the collective unconscious of South Asia and reputed scholarship on the subject and gives an impression that Hindu identity that had been chachnxma by the Muslim invaders for centuries.

South Asians have not investigated the creation of the stereotypical Muslim.

Chach Nama

Hindus and Muslims alike associate the coming of Islam with the destruction of Hindu sacral sites and forced mass conversions. The Chachnama and Muslim Origins in South Asia debunks this origins narrative and reveals new frames of reference envlish will replace the question of arrival of Cachnama in South Asia with idea of being Muslims in India.


Chachnama has been traditionally read as the oldest history of Sindh. Written in the 13th century, the text calls itself a translation of historical account of the events that occurred in the 8th century.

Ali Kufi dedicates the text to the then governor of Multan, Nasiruddin Qabacha. The book first describes how Chach, a scribe at the court, becomes king upon the death of the previous king Sahiras. Chach consolidates the boundaries of his empire and is succeeded by his son Dahar. Sindh was annexed to the empire of the East India Company in Asif studies the aftermath of Chachnama and argues that it is misunderstood and misclassified as a work of history.

Chachnama | Humshehri

It claims to be a translation of an earlier Arabic text but that claim is, as Asif argues, a gesture in gaining currency, legitimacy and authority in the period it was written—the 13th century. In claiming to be a work of history, an authentic account that originates in an Arabic text written in 8th century, the author of ChachnamaAli Kufi, strategically positions his creation to be perceived as carrying a certain magnitude.

Asif demonstrates that this self-styling as history cannot be taken at its face value. Chachnama fails on all the points of reference of a conventional conquest narrative.

The first part of Chachnama devoted to the native Hindu ruler Chach, his rise to power and the consolidation of his kingdom, creates a ebglish of a just ruler.


Humshehri: Thinking Pakistan’s History

Further, Ali Kufi cites a huge number of letters exchanged between Qasim and Hajjaj, the then governor of Iraq neglish at least as given in Chachnama. In describing how Qasim dealt with the Hindus and how the Hindu Chach dealt with the Buddhists, Ali Kufi incorporates various strategies of acquiring territories: The nineteenth century distortion of a text continues to have repercussions on national identity and communal harmony in South Asia and all around the world.

The notion that Muslims are outsiders and thereby have a separate identity had been the premise behind the demand for the creation of Pakistan. Skip to content I n Mirza Kalich Beg, celebrated as the first Sindhi cahchnama, translated a 13th-century Persian text called Chachnama into English.

A Book of Conquest: Chachnama argues that recognizing forms of difference and translating them into politically viable structures allows for communities to coexist. Soni Wadhwa lives in Mumbai.

Chach Nama – Wikipedia

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