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This Pin was discovered by Nick Hardy. Discover (and save) your own Pins on Pinterest. Your heart is restless, left alone family at home. Instead of anxious, try to open your phone and read this book online Le catene miofasciali in medicina. Manuale. Corso – Le Catene Miofasciali, Spine Center, Via della Liberazione, 5,

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This is achieved by means of an eccentric static contraction of the MCs.

Al momento non ci sono utenti online. But here the concavity escaped in a new place as soon as it was flattened.

Obviously not because the square shape does not fit the rolling action required from a wheel. We all possess four muscular chains that are constantly shortening and increasing their tone.

Beauty is a prerequisite to health. In he was diagnosed with a herniated disc at L4. Suffering from back pain for two years, her whole torso had been caged up into a brace that did not stop her deformations but gave her mipfasciali of bruises.

But the reverse is true: At the beginning the work was rather difficult because Katie was trying too hard and compensations were all over the place. Mezieres – Official Page Archives – warmfit. The second and third law miofasfiali from the first one. Suppress these compensations and you will only encounter stiffness.

He saw a chiropractor for three years with only a palliative effect. These postures can look ridiculously easy and simple — until you are trying to hold them. Flat feet, a blessing for shoe inserts-mongers, are simply the result of these inwards turned knees which caten the feet roll in. Miofasdiali illusion is the crafted work of the MCs which, through compensations, gives the impression of suppleness.


The uninterrupted line shows how it should look when the muscular kiofasciali have enough elasticity. There are four MC in our bodies. Souchard miocasciali che le catene muscolari della statica siano prevalentemente due: If Gareth still has a lot to learn and a lot of flexibility to gain he is now a new man who walks tall and sits pretty, and who does not suffer from cramps anymore and who no longer suffers from agonising pains.

He saw several specialists until he was Right thoracic, left lumbar scoliosis. Bow-legs and knock-knees are two different effects of the same cause, namely, the shortening of the posterior MC.

This is because the change in length of an element of a MC will pull on the insertion of the following element, and so on until the miofaasciali of the chain.

Moreover the established practice to jiofasciali locally by flattening the convexities and protruding the concavities proved here to be worthless since the back muscles were behaving like a single muscle. Standing and prone positions. Consequently beauty is not skin deep; it is, at the very least, muscle deep.

With this primary discovery she found miofasciapi clue to all our deformities, developed a powerful therapeutic tool for our musculoskeletal dysfunctions and pains, and formulated totally new biomechanical laws. Metodo MezieresMezieres – Official Page.

The dotted line shows some of the distortions that can be caused by tight muscular chains: The muscles that turn the limbs inwards are stronger than the one that turn them outwards. In both cases miofasclali knees are turned inwards even if they sometimes give you the illusion of the contrary.

catene miofasciali funzionali | Kinetic chains | Pinterest | Anatomy, Pilates and Pilates studio

Recently we were able muofasciali refine the postures, stretching the MCs even more, and Katie shows a new and promising improvement in her posture. After four weeks of rest the pain was gone but the numbness never completely disappeared. According to orthodox view gravity is the main cause of our deformations and the posterior muscles are believed to be too weak to counteract the gravity force.


To align the trunk. She realised that the muscles acting on the back worked as a single muscle, forming a sort of chain, which she described as a group of muscles joined together working as a unit, where the alteration of an element affects the whole chain function.

The normal, natural shape is the one that has not been altered by miofascialu retraction of our MCs. Hypertonic demonstrating an abnormal increase in tonicitymuscles in miofasfiali MCs exert a permanent pull on their insertions. Putting him in a position of hyper-correction miocasciali opposite of his distortions the pains vanished.

Everybody was suffering from shortening of the back muscles; far from being too weak these muscles were always too strong.

Corso – Le Catene Miofasciali

If the posterior MC is not lengthened in its totality, taking care to suppress all compensations, the shortening finds ways to escape the stretch. Gareth came to me in September 97, as a last resort, fatene avoid a new operation. The diaphragm, the main breathing muscle, is part of a MC and, as such, tends to be unduly contracted.