Jul 27 2020

Buy Castrol Differential EPX 75W Transmission Fluid at Amazon UK. Free delivery on eligible orders. Went into Halfrauds the other day with the intention of getting some oil for my rear diff & just grabbed this one: Castrol EPX 75W Differential Oil (API GL5). + Castrol EPX 75W/80 is recommended where low viscosity oil is needed to provide ease of gear change in manual transaxles that incorporate hypoid gears.

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What’s new New posts Latest activity. 75d80 Threads This forum This thread. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Caetrol truth about transmission oil?

Start date Feb 3, Tags oil. Right, I’m massively confused.

Bot Genuine Castrol for Land Rover Transfer Oil TYK 75w 1l Mtf94 | eBay

There are literally hundreds of threads on the topic, yet no definitive answers!! I’ll go from there thinking about an ‘upgraded’ solution if I need it However, I’ve seen recommendations for: Look in the manual for Renault recommendations. TRX by the way from memory. MarcoB Feb 3, You want as thin as possible for a good change. Stick with 75w80 the castrol stuff is more than resonable, the end. See what I mean, confusion at every turn!

Andyman Feb 3, I use the Castrol GL5 stuff. IIRC Sports take 3. The Millers was recommended to me by the nice people at Quaife, to use in my Renault box fitted with there Diff. Clio Sport ITB.

Castrol Axle EPX 80W-90 Mineral Gearbox Oil

GodSpeed Feb 3, And its NOT expensive. Imo Castrol doesnt work at all in this box especially in cold weather its hard to get the gears in. From what I heard this box need a special ingredient to increase friction something like the oil used in plate diff boxes. That may explain why the Elf oil works so much better. Renault specify the capacity to 3,1liters.

Tony Hunter Feb 3, Henry Feb 3, Thanks for the input about shear-ratings Csstrol. Some interesting misconceptions being discussed in this thread – transmission fluids are a complex world, and it’s hard to find anyone who knows the right answers particularly retailers. I develop transmission fluids, and know the specs and what goes into making a good fluid. Some quick points to correct – GL-5 is NOT a manual transmission fluid, even though many workshops will use fastrol as such.


Castrol Axle EPX 80W Mineral Gearbox Oil. Opie Commercial Oils

GL-5 is a specification for axle fluids, requiring high wear protection, but which have no synchros to worry about. Castrkl an MTF, there is a balance needed between wear protection and synchro performance – and this will be specified by the individual manufacturer in order to meet with the needs of their transmission design and materials.

I hope this helps a bit – I’ll check in again on this thread if there’s anything else I can add. The transmission fluid market is a lot more complex and confusing than engine oil – and the casttrol are much more castro to an individual manufacturer or even transmission making it very difficult to select the right fluid Opie Oils website states that this is a recommended fluid for use in – amongst others – Renault gearboxes.

From the Wikipedia place: API GL-4oils for various conditions – light to heavy. They contain up to 4.

Designed for bevel and hypoid gears which have small displacement of axes, the gearboxes of trucks, and axle units. Recommended for non-synchronized gearboxes of US trucks, tractors and buses and for main and other gears of all vehicles. These oils are basic for synchronized gearboxes, especially in Europe. API GL-5oils for severe conditions. They contain up castrll 6. The general application of oils in this class are for hypoid gears having csatrol displacement of axes.

They are recommended as universal oils to all other units of mechanical transmission except gearboxes. Oils in this class, which have special approval of vehicle manufacturers, can be used in synchronized manual gearboxes only.

That clears that up, then?

Henry Feb 4, In hinesite will it make a massive difference if you use a good quality 75w!? It’s a Renault not a Bugatti!! Nayparkin Feb 4, When the gearbox is drained, is there much residual left in there ie 0. Or in other words can you get away with buying 3 litres? The reason i’m asking is because at present i have 3 litres of fuschs titan gearsyn 75W sat in my living room ready to go into my and from what i can gather it holds 3.

My understanding from this thread is that some oil remains in the ‘box. Tony Hunter Feb 4, GodSpeed Feb 4, The background for doing this is Elf oils being hard to get hold of in Sweden and me hearing track day friends telling me their boxes got sluggish after using Castrol GL5 oil.


Tried that oil myself both in my and my 1,6 16v and it is BAD. Changed to Elf NFJ and all problems vanished. The JC5 boxes are notorious for being picky on oil.

When I changed last week I got 2,8 liters in my and more that 3liters in the 1,6 16v. I just changed my gear oil last week to EP90 and so far feels ok but I’ve just been reading a pug forum and people on there say never use it. Dose anyone know why? Should i get it out and change it? Andyman Feb 4, Well – looks like my post got a bit of a reaction!

I think a quick summary I would make is that the Elf oils are likely to be similar to each other in performance, and are likely similar blends but with different branding to suit different markets. Nero – I had had a quick look at the fuchs fluid, and that should be fine. The main point I was making by saying avoid just going for a “GL-5” fluid, is that there is a lot of cheap, basic quality service fill oil that is ONLY GL-5, and is not really suited to pass car synchros – if the fluid says GL5 and it specifically states for or approved for renault, then it shows the oil has had some testing in the right kit – if the fuchs oil says it’s GL5 AND renault, then you should be good to go As for the mention of EP90 above – that is definitely an axle fluid or for agricultural boxes like old landys!

I don’t have that one listed as the only specified oil for it, it may be what Renault dealerships have though.

Castrol EPX 75W-80 Differential Oil??

My info just says it needs to be a 75w GL5. I wouldn’t ever use a GL5 oil in a french gearbox box.

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