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These tapes (now on one CD) have meant the world to me. Regardless what you think about Castaneda, these “exercises” are both energizing and relaxing. “TENSEGRITY” AND MAGICAL PASSES. Carlos Castaneda interviewed for The New Times by Clair Baron More than thirty years ago, as an anthropologist. Carlos Castaneda’s Tensegrity Dreaming Castaneda Images of a 20th-century sorcerer. From Los Angeles Weekly, by Celeste Fremon For me the world is weird.

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And will be attended in some other workshops:. A Yaqui Way of Knowledge. At first, and with the backing of academic qualifications and the UCLA anthropological department, Castaneda’s work was mostly praised by reviewers.

Clement Meighan and Stephen C. We are travelers, as humans.

Tensegrity and Magical Passes

Here is a link to a photo of Kylie. Castaneda was awarded his bachelor’s and doctoral degrees based on the work described in these books. Watch the video version of this article, here: Castaneda’s first three books — The Teachings of Don Juan: The magical passes became the most prized possession for the shamans of Mexican gensegrity who discovered them. Don Juan was described in the books as a shaman steeped in a mostly lost Toltec philosophy and decidedly anti-Catholic.

Retrieved 22 February Castaneda withdrew from public view inliving in a large house in Westwood, California from until his death inwith three colleagues whom he called “Fellow Travellers of Awareness.

Some of his sorcerer’s tips were more practical than philosophical. Not that I took every wrinkle of his stories to be literal fact.

Castaneda castanera of liver cancer on April 27,but his death was not made public until June.

Carlos Castaneda

As with Castaneda, Donner’s emotional turmoil seemed intense and genuine. I never touched on the subject of the magical passes because they were taught to me in secrecy and to aid me in my personal need; that is to say that the passes that I learned were designed for me alone, to fit my physical constitution.



Castaneda continued to be popular with csstaneda reading public with subsequent publications that unfolded further aspects of his training with don Juan. They surrounded them with rituals and mystery and taught them only to their initiates in the midst of tremendous secrecy.

Disappeared: The Women of Tensegrity, missing 15 years.

Patricia changed her name to Nury Alexander, cut her hair short and bleached it blond. Don Juan explained to me that in specific states of heightened awareness called dreaming, those men and women were able to reach levels of optimum physical balance.

University of Arizona Press. His first two books, The Teachings of Don Juan: You can tensegtity find the only photo of her with her phone that I also took. She changed her name to Taisha Abelar and moved in with Castaneda when he first purchased his compound on Pandora Avenue in Westwood, a neighborhood in Los Angeles. In the case of the magical passes, Tensegrity refers to the interplay of tensing and relaxing the tendons and muscles, and their energetic counterparts, in a way that contributes to the overall integrity of the body as a physical and an energetic unit.

A little fudging perhaps, but not a whole system in the manner of The Teachings, written by an unknown student with, at the outset, no hope of commercial success. We would sometimes go to the movies. He was the subject of a cover article in the March 5, issue of Time which described him as “an enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in a tortilla”. We decided, therefore, after a lifetime of silence, to join forces to deal with the magical passes and to rescue them from their obscure state.

Suffice it to say… I am no longer a fan. John Dedrick, a Protestant missionary who lived among the Yaqui Indians of Vicam, Sonora, from tostated in his letter of May 23, that:.

It is hard to believe that Castaneda’s benefactor, a self-professed Yaqui, would fail to employ these native expressions throughout the apprenticeship. Vashon subsequently called the Los Angeles Times. He painted himself in his stories as a frightened naif bumbling through a magical yet deeply ethical spiritual system that could tensegriyy taught and transferred. Near the spot where her car was found, some hikers came across human bones in He never presented Don Juan.


And he would journey and dream, and stimulate amazing tensehrity and dreams in the people around him.

Star Wars, Castaneda, and the Force”. This page was last edited on 16 Decemberat When I saw her a few years later at Barzhagi’s wedding, she confided that all the apprentices – Castaneda, herself and several other Anglo women – were castanea a terrible emotional state.

In a series of articles, R. Carlos Castaneda 20th-century American writers births deaths American anthropologists American spiritual writers Deaths from cancer in California Deaths from liver cancer Peruvian emigrants to the United States Shamanism of the Americas University of California, Los Angeles alumni. She also appears in a number of Tensegrity videos.

He said that those movements were called magical passes by the shamans who discovered them, because their effect on the practitioners was so astounding. I could not truly live the wonder that it is to be a human being. It was all a hoax. December 25, CajamarcaPeru. Each went on to write books that explored the experience of being tensfgrity of Castaneda’s teachings from a feminist perspective.

Tensegrity by Carlos Castaneda: Tensegrity

Five years later she published a book called Shabono: Tensegrity is the name given to the modern version of the Magical Passes: Then he would call someone – often a university colleague – with whom he had an appointment. In fact, it’s absolutely essential to do so! Buckminster Fuller, who described tensegrity as a combination of tension and integrity, the forces at work in a structure that is formed by a finite network of compression, or rigid elements interconnected through tensile, or elastic elements which give the structure its overall integrity.

But some of those who knew him well have arrived at a provisional answer.