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X / X X / X / X X / X 1. INTRODUCTION. This guide has been prepared for the operator of Carrier Transicold. Carrier Refrigeration Operation – Imprimй en France . XARIOS STARTING WITH SERIAL NUMBER PB XARIOS Agent for Zepro, Tail lifts, Del Tail lifts and Carrier refrigeration Systems for vans, XARIOS Carrier-XariosLCVjpg Carrier-Xarios

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BoxSyracuse, N. Description of maintenance operations.

Evacuation and dehydration procedure. Checking high pressure cutout switch. Heating and defrost Cycle – over 22 bar. Heating and defrost Cycle – under 17 bar.

Heating and defrost cycle – over 22 bar. Heating and defrost cycle – under 17 bar. Heating and defrost cycle – over 22 xairos. Heating and defrost cycle – under 17 bars. Electrical schematic diagram Road version.


Electrical schematic diagram – Road version. Electrical schematic diagram – Road version V without electrical heating. Management of condenser and evaporator fan and heat and defrost valve from version 3. Management of condenser and evaporator fan and heat and defrost valve until version 3.

Carrier XARIOS 150

Management of condenser varrier evaporator fans and heat and defrost valves. Be sure that everybody who will use this refrigeration unit has been trained to use it in a safe way. Always use adequate Personal Protective Equipment before doing anything on this refrigerant unit, as explained in this manual. Take all necessary safety precautions when accessing this refrigeration unit: When the unit is running beware of belts and fans that are moving.

Before servicing refrigeration unit, make carroer the main power switch is on the OFF position. Ensure the unit will not restart.

When there is protective structure fan grid or guard for example make sure they are in place. Never removed them when the refrigeration unit is running. Always keep your sarios, body parts, clothes, hairs and tools far from moving parts. When this refrigeration unit is running in electrical operation, some devices are powered up especially in the electrical control box. Ensure this refrigeration unit is disconnected from the local electrical network. Before working in the electrical control box, it is required to control the lack of tension.

Always use adequate tools and Personal Protective Equipment when working on electrical devices: The refrigerant contained in this refrigeration unit can cause frosbite, severe burns or blindness in case of projection and direct contact with the skin or eyes.


In contact with flame or heat refrigerant generate toxic gas. Refrigerant handling must be done by qualified people. Keep any flame, any lighted object or any source of sparks away from the refrigerant unit. Always use Personal Protective Equipment when handling refrigerant: Burning with hot and cold: When this refrigeration unit is running or even after, different components can be very cold or hot exhaust pipe, tubes, coils, receiver, accumulator or engine for example Beware when operating closed from cold or hot components.

Always use adequate safety gloves when doing any maintenance on this refrigeration unit. Beware when handling or operating closed from carriet that could be sharp coils, evaporators, clamps for example. Think about protection of environment during all the life of this refrigeration unit. It must be recuperate and recycle according to current regulations. When disposing this refrigerant unit do it in an environmentally sound way and in accordance with current regulations.

Should a problem develop with these component, contact your nearest Carrier Transicold dealer for replacement. Under no circumstances should a technician electrically probe the processor at any point, other than the connector terminals where the harness attaches. Microprocessor components operate at different voltage levels and at extremely low current levels. Improper use of voltmeters, jumper wires, continuity testers, etc.

Most electronic components are susceptible to damage caused by electrical static discharge ESD.

In certain cases, the human body can have enough static electricity to cause resultant damage to the components by touch. Once the controller remote Command within the cab of the truck is set at the desired temperature, the unit will operate automatically to maintain the desired temperature within very close limits. Also Table charts some significant differences between these xariox. Two types of drive are available: The control system automatically selects cooling and heating cycles as necessary to maintain the desired temperature.

The evaporator assembly consists of an evaporator coil, an expansion valve, one carriwr thermostat termination switches and an electrical evaporator fan motor, one starting valve and a optional injection valve.

Condenser fan Accumulator Standby check valve Road check valve Control box Microprocessor Condenser Condenser closing solenoid option 1550. Check valve option Frame Compressor Filter-drier Condenser fan motor Transformer Safety switch Receiver 9.


Receiver Filter drier Sight glass Carirer Road fuse Microprocessor Condenser Oil separator 5. Hot gas solenoid valve Safety switch Rotary Compressor Relief valve 9. Diode rectifier assembly Condenser Sight glass Filter drier 5. Fan Fan gard Transformer Cooler 9. Condenser motor Oil separator Frame xarioz Coil Condenser closing valve HGS2 Defrost valve HGS1 4. Injection valve option on Xarios Defrost termination thermostat Evaporator fan blower Heat exchanger 5. Injection valve connector Klixon connector Fan connector Liquid line Standby suction line Road suction line Hot gas line Left side cover Bottom cover Return air sensor Right side cover Starting valve Expansion valve Liquid line fitting Standby suction line fitting Hot gas line fitting Road suction line fitting 9.

Evaporator fan blowers Defrost klixon Injection valve Low pressure switch Orifice Expansion valve Evaporator coil assembly Starting valve Check valve optional Liquid valve Evaporator fan blowers Heat exchanger Defrost klixon 5. Liquid line fitting Hot gas line fitting Suction line fitting Orifice 9.

Evaporator coil assembly Evaporator coil assembly 7. Starting valve Heat exchanger Defrost klixon Low pressure switch Injection valve Hot gas fitting Standby suction line fitting Road suction line fitting Liquid line fitting Standby contactor Primary transformer fuse Main standby fuses Overload relay 6.

Permanent capacitor Filter capacitor Microprocessor board Standby fuse Road main fuse Three phases shown 1. Main standby fuses 2. Primary transformer fuses 4. Microprocessor Standby fuse Road fuse Harness 5. Cylinders Weight cc 7. Thermostatic expansion valve superheat Type: Defrost Timer Automatic triggering or at carrire intervals: Ra low pressure switch Cutout xaros Quench valve option on Xarios Opens at: Evaporator fan motors f.

Refrigerant charge Bearing lubrification Refer to Table Horse power Operating amps g. Maximum Rotor Amps 2. This is accomplished by the safety devices listed in Table Excessive drop in pressure Xarrios reset of low pressure switch 2. Excessive current draw on all microprocessor outputs evaporator and condenser fan Electronic relay 3.

Excessive current draw control circuit 4. Excessive current draw moto compressor or standby motor 5. Excessive current draw evaporator and condenser fan motors 6.

Excessive temperature on moto compressor or standby motor winding Overload relay Electronic relay O.