Mar 29 2020

Carnivore Dillard Johnson Amazon The soldier whose new book — “Carnivore” — contains claims he has killed more than 2, people is. Amid ferocious fighting that many times nearly took his life, Sergeant Dillard “C. J. ” Johnson and his crew are recognized by Pentagon reports. Amid ferocious fighting that many times nearly took his life, Sergeant First Class Dillard “C. J.” Johnson—one of the most decorated soldiers in the histor.

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Please review your cart. This was a hard book to rate. But his claims have sent the online veteran community into an uproar, with many vets calling them implausible and some men who served with him saying his statements are downright falsehoods.

After reading Carnivore but never having seen active combat myself, I believe a great effort was made to relay to the reader the true sense of what really happened in Iraq.

Carnivore: A Memoir by One of the Deadliest American Soldiers of All Time

Johnson was obliged to report confirmed kills to his superiors, cataloging the dead in a green journal that revealed the astonishing tally — which only began to come light as he and co-writer James Tarr were researching his exploits for his memoir. I was disappointed to find out that most of the book is being disputed by others who served with Dilliard. But only now is he telling his full story: Awesome insight to modern day tank warfare and an amazing johnsonn.

A Christian Science Perspective. From what I gather it is better suited for the fiction section. But there were other troopers that did as much as I did or even more out there with it. How to dilpard a great review. The book keeps you interested from start carnivoer finish and fully allows the reader to comprehend dillarc struggles and stress active members of the military dillaard put under on a daily basis. This book seemed to be a fiction novel rather than a first hand account of the johnsn.


So, I found it a funny at times and tragic at other times memoir that was very worth reading, even if the actual subject matter: Some who served with him express doubts.

Yet Johnson’s confirmed kills claim is percent of the total on the unit’s history page for and, by Mr. It reads more like a description of battle than anything else, without much of a look into how he came to deal with the reality of all that death.

I just had better equipment and he was missing all around me and I basically just got lucky. In lateafter Johnson had left Iraq, statistics provided to USA Today by the US-led coalition, estimated that 19, militants had been killed by all coalition forces, including Iraqi ones, since the start of the war in A press contact for HarperCollins’ William Morrow imprint, which published “Carnivore,” dlllard not returned a call for comment at the time of publication. Dillard Johnson’s new Iraq war memoir has angered other veterans.

America’s deadliest soldier? Dillard Johnson says he never made that claim. –

Credited with more than 2, enemy KIA, he is perhaps the most lethal ground soldier in U. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. By Dan Murphy Staff writer. I grew up and I always wanted to be Sgt. In johsnon, he spent a lot of time throughout calling out some of his own mistakes and also giving respect and credit to others. And here’s a partial transcript of his appearance on Fox and Friends yesterday morning titled: He has 4 purple hearts and a silver star that’s been confirmed by journalists.

This memoir gives a glimpse of what it was like invading Iraq from the perspective of a Bradley fighting vehicle. The author writes candidly and openly, making it hard to put down … Show more Show less. That’s two US vehicles vs. After fact checking i think this book i mostly fiction He says he johnsln not responsible for the publisher’s writing.


One other thing worth mentioning: Thanks for telling us about the problem. He basically doesn’t talk about his marriage.

But as the saying goes, the first casualty when war comes is truth. Interesting and well written book from the viewpoint of a soldier in war. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. There are a few other criticisms out there of some of the content. Get unlimited Monitor journalism. Claiming plus kills goes beyond exaggeration and into outright lies. Spaid says at the time the heavy armor unit was not trained for that kind of infantry fighting and doubts that happened, recalling that he was only issued a 9mm pistol “with about 27 rounds” at the time.

That being said, once again “loved it! As for the sniper kills, Johnson wasn’t a sniper, but he says the number is accurate for the total people he personally killed with small arms during his second tour.

Dillard Johnson says he never made that claim. Similar to the film ‘Fury’ [] which was set during WW2. His statement is even more remarkable when compared to the brief history given at the unit’s home page, which recounts that “by the time the Squadron had redeployed it had killed 2, Iraqi personnel, 64 tanks, 41 armored vehicles, numerous active air defense systems, as well as trucks and civilian vehicles used as suicide bombers.

Army Chief of Staff.