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ZELMER ZVCAB. Uploaded by. leonard · tematica-medicina- Uploaded by. leonard · cariologie-iliescu-gafar. Uploaded by. leonard. Acest pin a fost descoperit de Zelenschi Mihaela. Descoperă (și salvează!) Pinuri pe Pinterest!. Iliescu, A. & Gafar, M. (). Cariologie si odontoterapie restauratoare. Ed. Medicala. Scholar. 6. Banerjee, A. & Domejean, S. ().

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Int Forum Allergy Rhinol. Sometimes, the root channels are also filled with mineral tissue. The oxygen contribution becomes smaller and the pulp is suffocated, a fact that increases the inflammation. Radiological investigations found a unilateral sinus opacification. Dental lesions and restorative treatment in molars. The existence of a shortcut permits the redistribution of the blood flow. In the same time, a cellular answer appears with the growth of the inflammation level.

All these explain why an inadequate medical treatment appears in the evolution around the affected sinus, osteitis and osteomyelitis. The collagen hydrolysis produces the kinina, which makes the vasodilatation and increases the vascular permeability. It only appears in few cases. It highly marks the periphery and is less central. This article tries to show that the relation is a two-way one.

There is a layer of spongious bone under the cortical bone, whose height is variable: Even with such results, it is very probable that not just the apical inflammation influenced the sinusal evolution; also, the sinusal inflammation modified the upper tooth. Sometimes, there is a tension in the genian and infraorbital areas, which is accentuated by the declining of the head position.


Abstract There is a wide documentary material regarding the upper dental disease influencing the state of the maxillary sinus. The liquid flows gravitationally along the bone trabeculars [ 9 ]. Understanding the chemistry of dental erosion.

This evolution appearance of the pulpitis is not a general one. Chirurgie orala si maxilofaciala.

Dental lesions and restorative treatment in molars

Gaar si odontoterapie restauratoare. Unilateral rhinorrhea usually occurs, the feeling of clogged nostril and intermittent pain is also present especially in the morning and the growth in the ostia drainage blockage sinus secretions remain blocked [ cairologie ]. In addition, in chronic rhinogenic sinusitis, which occurs after an acute sinusitis, the discreet clinical symptoms sometimes mask the local evolution in most cases.

The patient accuses pain in the palpation of the front wall of the affected sinus. Arterial circulation is achieved by branches of the maxillary artery: Pokorny A, Tataryn R.

Cariologie si odontoterapie restauratoare – Google Books

The pulp chamber is filled with pulpitis Fig. Cafiologie Sep 14; Accepted Nov Classification of the Edentanlus jaws with oral surgery.

The therapeutic approach of the molar teeth is represented by: In the periapical tissue, the inflammation of the cortical bone appears very late due to its thickness and density.


The premolars and upper molars roots are open in the lateral maxillary zone, nearby, or inside the maxillary sinus under the mucosa penetrating the cortical bone of the floor. Cariologie si odontoterapie restauratoare. PUFA–an index of clinical consequences of untreated dental caries.

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User Account Sign in to save searches and organize your favorite content. Tooth pulp gafra is affected by the increase of the pressure in the narrow tissue, a fact that in time produces irreversible metabolic changes.

Irina-Maria Gheorghiu 1 gadar, Paula Perlea paula. Atraumatic restorative treatment versus amalgam restoration longevity: The whole tooth appears like a cariolkgie structure, with the loss of the pulp chamber X-ray images. Sign in to annotate. Manual de Odontoterapie Restauratoare, Ed.

J Int Oral Health. J Esthet Restor Dent. Early childhood caries and quality of life: This article review specific clinical issues of the molar teeth, as well as the therapeutic approach of their pathology. There are situations in which the pathological pulp chamber process grows, after the death of the pulp, which reaches the apical bone and destroys it until the sinus of floor [ 1 – 5 ].

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