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: Zhuangzi: Basic Writings (): Zhuangzi, Burton Watson: Books. The Complete Works of Zhuangzi (Translations from the Asian Classics) [Burton Watson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Only by. Zhuangzi elucidates this mystical philosophy through humor, parable, and Burton Watson’s conversion to pinyin in this book brings the text in line with how.

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The closest Western analogues that occur to me are the works of Epictetus and the Parmenides Dialogue of Plato.

I have no way to physiognomize him! If I go about it in this way, will it do? But I don’t know whether what I have said has really said something or whether it hasn’t said something.

Tzu-ch’i said, “The Great Clod belches out breath and its name is wind. The Complete Works of Chuang Tzu. A man like this could climb the high places and not be watwon, could enter the water and not get wet, could enter the fire and not get burned.

Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. So in that respect it is burtkn different from their statements. Now you had a gourd big enough to hold five piculs.

Zhuangzi: Basic Writings

Is that its real color, or is it because it is so far away and has no end? Therefore, if virtue is preeminent, the body will be forgotten. Even if it weren’t at the shrine, do you suppose it would be cut down?


Meng-sun alone has waked up. Penumbra said to Shadow, “A little while ago you were walking and now you’re standing still; a little while ago you were sitting and now you’re standing up. Life and death are fated – constant as the succession of dark and dawn, a matter of Heaven. It addresses the deepest questions in philosophy, for both theoretical reason and practical reason.

Burton Watson (ed.), Chuang Tzu – PhilPapers

But if they are far apart, they must use words butron communicate their loyalty, and words must be transmitted by someone. He doesn’t stand up and teach, he doesn’t sit down and discuss, yet they go to him empty and come home full. The Big Dipper got it and from ancient times has never wavered.

History of Western Philosophy. A man like that – what unique way does he have of using his mind? He will soon choose the day and ascend far off. But that was all. There is a not yet beginning to be nonbeing.

Joining their voices, they sang this song: The bird flies high in the sky where it can escape the danger of stringed arrows. Fit for Emperors and Kings 8: He knows enough to recognize the faults of others, but he doesn’t know his own faults.


There was no one in the state to act as chief minister, and I wanted to hand the government over to him. Lieh Tzu went back into the room, weeping and drenching the collar of his robe with tears, and reported this to Hu.

A man of Sung who sold ceremonial hats made a trip to Yueh, but the Yueh people cut their hair short and tattoo their bodies and had no use for such things.

The Complete Works of Chuang Tzu translated by Burton Watson, Terebess Asia Online (TAO)

A mediocre cook changes his knife once a month-because he hacks. Ch’ang Chi said, “If he’s lost a foot and is still superior to the Master, then how far above the common run of men he must be!

He sees clearly into what has no falsehood and does not shift with things. Though heaven and earth flop over and fall down, it is no loss to him.