Mar 22 2020

A lot of candidates have asked for syllabus for BSNL JTO Exam. Please read the detailed syllabus for BSN JTO Exam that will help you prepare for the Exam. (Telecom) {(JTC (T)}. Next i.e upcoming exam date is: JTO Exam Syllabus. Download details Syllabus for BSNL JTO Syllabus for Telecom. Here’s the updated Syllabus for BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) exam For JTO Telecom Section – I: R S Azad said:(Tue, Aug 9, AM).

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Elements of network synthesis. Concise General Knowledge Fluid properties, pressure, thrust, Buoyancy, Flow Kinematics, integration, of flow equation, Flow measurement, Relative motion, Moment of momentum, Viscosity, Boundary layer and control, Drag, Lift, Dimensional analysis, Modelling, Cavitations, Flow oscillations, Momentum and Energy principles, in open cannel flow, Flow control, Hydraulic jump, Flow section and properties, Normal flow, Gradually varied flow, Flow development and losses in pipe flows, Measurements, Siphons, Surges and Water hammer, Delivery of Power Pipe sy,labus.

What is the syllabus for uto

Syllabus for BSNL JTO (Junior Telecom Officer) Exam

Pls send it to me and pls bsl me the study notes for bsnl jto preparation to me and i am looking forward to it Microprocessor architecture-Instruction set and simple assembly language programming. Principles of pre-stressed concrete design, material, method of pre-stressing losses.

Small signal amplifiers, biasing circuits, frequency response and improvement, multistage amplifiers and feed-back amplifiers, D.

Transient response and steady state response for arbitrary inputs. Root locus and Nicols chart and the estimation of gain and phase margin. Applications of Micro-processors in power system. Multivibrators and flip-flops and nto applications. M Tech Total Info. Plastic analysis of indeterminate beams and simple frames-shape factors. Civil Engineering – Previous Solved Papers. If u have any study materials plzzzz.


Modulation and detection in analogue and digital systems; Sampling and data reconstruction. Block diagrams and signal flow graphs and their reduction. Gauss’s Law and Amperes Law.

Primary and secondary treatment, detailing and maintenance of treatment units. Properties of networks in terms of poles and zeros. Different types and species of structural timber, density-moisture relationship, strength in different directions, defects, influence of defects on permissible stress, preservation, dry and wet rots, plywood, codal provision for design.

Principles of ultimate load design. Analog Electronic Circuits 2.

Network theorem, transient and steady state sinusoidal response, Transmission criteria: What is the date of JTO exam? Inverters; single-phase and 3-phase. Limit state design for bending, shear, axial compression and combined syllqbus, Codal provisions for slabs, beams, walls and footings.

Digital Voltmeter and frequency counter. EMF, torque, basic machine types. Basics of telemetry for industrial use. Classification of surveys, scales, accuracy, Measurement of distances-direct and indirect methods, optical and electronic devices, Measurement of directions, prismatic compass, local attraction, Theodolites-types Measurement of elevations, Spirit and trigonometric levelling, Relief representation, Contours, Digital elevation modelling concept, Establishment of control by triangulations and traversing measurements and adjustment of observations, computation of coordinates, Field astronomy, concept of global positioning system, Map preparation by plane tabling and by photogrammetry, Remote sensing concepts, map substitutes.

Always keep a place for revision in your time table.


Date and syllabus for JTO exam

Armature reaction and commutation. Design of members and frames. Pulse shaping circuits and waveform generators.

Multipurpose uses of Water, Soil Plant water relationships, bshl systems, water demand assessment, Storage and their yields, ground water yield and well Hydraulics, Water logging, drainage design, Irrigation revenue, Design of rigid boundary canals, Lacy’ and Tractive force concepts in canal design, lining of canals; Sediment transport in canals; Non-Overflow and overflow sections of syl,abus dams and their design, Energy dissipaters and tail water rating, Design of head works, distribution work, falls, cross-drainage work, outlets, River training.

Optimal power system operation. Natural response and forced response. Digital logic gate families, universal gates-combination circuits for arithmetic and logic operational, sequential logic circuits. Age of the candidate must be in between years. Mathematical modelling of physical systems. Thyristor controlled reactors; switched capacitor networks. E graduate in telecom Built up sections and frames. Fields in dielectrics, conductors and magnetic materials. Muller-Breslau principal and application.

Planning of railway systems, terminology and designs, relating to gauge, track controls, transits, rolling stock, tractive power and track modernization, Maintenance Appurtenant works, Containerisation. Rectifiers and power supplies. Sat, Jun 25, Fluid Mechanics, Open channel, Pipe flow. Basic concepts in rotating machines. Error analysis, measurement of current, Voltage, power, Power-factor and energy.