BS EN 14179 PDF

Mar 28 2020

BS EN. Glass in building —. Heat soaked thermally toughened soda lime The European Standard EN has the status of a. BS EN specifies the heat soak process system together with tolerances, flatness, edgework, fragmentation and physical and. BS EN Glass in building – Heat soaked thermally toughened soda lime silicate safety glass Part 1: Definition and description.

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Heat soaking could be about to change

Click for more information. Code of practice for installation of security glazing BS Float glass Part 2: These include safety critical areas such as sloping or horizontal overhead applications or free standing glass protective barriers.

There are a number of applications where toughened glass should be heat soaked. Assembly rules BS EN Code of practice for safety related to human impact Part 6: Wired or unwired channel shaped glass Part 8: Heat strengthened soda lime silicate glass Evaluation of conformity.

Product standard BS EN Formally, it 141179 not be possible for manufacturers to CE Mark their heat soaked toughened glass based on the new regime until a revised Part 2 is cited in the Official Journal of the European Union.


Definition and Description Part 2: Glass in building — Painted glass for internal use.

Glass in building – Security glazing – Testing and classification of resistance against explosion pressure. Glass in building – Laminated glass and laminated safety glass. Glass in building — Special basic products Part Glass in building — Painted glass for internal use Bz 1: Specification for thermally toughened glass panels for use in domestic appliances.

European/British Standards and Codes of Practice

For processors with wn soaking ovens, it may be prudent to prepare for these changes in advance, including commissioning new calibrations. Direct Marketing Question You may from time to time receive business information relevant to your work. First published inthis standard specifies the heat soak process, along with requirements for tolerances, flatness, edgework and fragmentation.

This is because Part 2 of EN — the mandatory aspect of the standard — still refers to the old version of Part 1.

Glass in building – Structural sealant glazing. Glass Times – The industrys leading trade journal.

Heat soaking could be about to change – Glass Times

Specification for observation and gauge glasses for pressure vessels. Glass in building — Insulating glass units. Polished wired glass Part 4: Wired patterned glass Part 7: If the NiS inclusion is sufficiently large and present in the tensile zone of the toughened glass, then the expansion may be sufficient to cause the glass to fracture. Test with specimen 14719 at two points four point bending Part 4: Document Status Indicators The Green document status indicator indicates that ej document is: The process puts the glass through a heat cycle to encourage the glass to break under test if it is at risk of inclusions.


Glass for glazing Part 1: Glazing for ne Part 1: Glass in building – Safety in case of fire, fire resistance – Glass testing methodology for the purpose of classification BS EN About this site Legal Notice Privacy Policy. Code of practice for energy, light and sound Part 3: