Mar 24 2020

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Therefore, at this time, you should renounce all other desires. From their register, you can tell about their behaviour and how they study. Through these jewels of knowledge you become those with divine intellects. There may be a few souls who have taken this knowledge and are presently living in places where there are no centers.

Brahma Baba is our Alokik father – the father of humanity,and not only our eldest brother in this spiritual family, but also our great-great-grandfather since he is our first ancestor or the first deity Sri Krishna, dailly first leaf of the human tree – the Kalp Vruksh, the first prince of the new world.

Only the one Shiv Baba is the Satguru. Until their rust is removed, no one will be pulled. I am regular reader of your blog long time. Spin the discus of self-realisation kumariss remain constantly cheerful. They ruled for years and during the remainingall the sects and cults continued to grow. This thought works like scissors to cut the bondages.


An elevated method is required according to the time.

To be a karma yogi and to settle the suffering of karma is the sign of becoming karmateet. You have to stay in remembrance of Baba. The Father has explained that the celebration of Raksha Bandhan also refers to this time. While playing your part in the world cycle, to remain free from the many spinnings of sorrow is the stage of liberation in life.

BK Murli Today – 31 December – BK Murli Today 26 December

Here, you are in exile. If you have performed a lot of devotion, you will take a lot of knowledge and explain knowledge to many others.

If you wear good brauma here, that would be reduced there. All of you know very well the account of the easiest and the most significant point zerodo you not? There is no question of a bull etc. You can understand how much mufli you have performed.

Baba ji I want to daily murli Like Like.

Daily Murlis

You may prepare food at home, you will remain happy. There are some good sensible children who imbibe these things.

OK, if the person dies and the soul has departed, they bring the body here and finish it off here. None of those of other religions forget their religion.

Brahmakumaris Daily Murli

Daily Meditation is equally muri as studies, as meditation helps cleanse and purify the mind which in turn helps one to clearly understand Baba’s most elevated and invaluable teachings. Baba says to you children: You should talk among yourselves in this way. During this month, we will remain introverted and keep the aim of becoming like Father Brahma and make intense effort.


When you tell them to become residents of heaven, they say: You have spiritual love for the Father and so you also have to face difficulties; the whole world and members of your family all become your enemies. Then, you are also karma yogis.

Children have forgotten Me so much. If you continue to make donations, you will remain full. The record of those who give regard to everyone automatically becomes good. Now, only when all Brahmin souls fly can they make all other souls fly and enable them to come close to the Father.

Pay full attention to the study and to your character. This one also surrendered himself to Him. Neither are they content with themselves nor are they able to receive the blessings of contentment from others. Your original bondage of “my body” has also ended.

You are the ones who know all three worlds. He makes you cheerful with this knowledge. Become free from having thoughts about the illness of the body. This avyakt month is a special month of blessings for all of us Brahmin children. These matters have to be understood.