Mar 22 2020

It’s an age-old question that has stumped the great minds of history: What is the meaning of life? In his hilarious and uplifting style, best-selling author Bradley. In his hilarious and uplifting style, best-selling author Bradley Trevor Greive The Meaning of Life is a witty, thought-provoking book that makes an ideal gift for . Booktopia has The Meaning of Life by Bradley Trevor Greive. Buy a discounted Paperback of The Meaning of Life online from Australia’s leading online.

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Account Options Sign in. May 03, Catherine McMillan rated it really liked it.

I believe one of those sections was the calling of other meanings of life that weren’t ‘love’ to be ‘stupid’, or something of that sort, as if one’s personal meaning of life can’t acknowledge a spectrum of ideas. The Blue Day Book: Well it certainly contains one really good idea of what that is and I think if you approach it seriously this book might prompt a little introspection and that is a trevod thing.

Of course, back then I was only interested in funny pictures and didn’t care what this book was about. Illustrated with playful photographs of animals, BTG’s insightful prose again hits ghe target straight on. I respect life a lot more after reading this book.

The Meaning Of Life

I love this book. I just now tried to re-read it, which shouldn’t have been hard since there’s only one sentence per page, but I on The pictures are funny On the other, the text is even more asinine than the previous book.


I got this as a birthday present when I was a child. It made me happy to know how these negative things are just part of life and that they have a way of letting someone learn and grow from them.

View all 6 comments. I’ve always wanted to be a professional organizer, but I’ve never had the guts to bradleyy attempt to start the business.

On one hand, it doesn’t have as many disturbing images of animals in trouble as Blue Day. In his hilarious and uplifting style, best-selling author Bradley Trevor Greive finally provides the answer: Except that it needs the text because the pictures alone are not that remarkable.

The Meaning of Life by Bradley Trevor Greive (2002, Hardcover)

So, on to the important question: Illustrated with playful photographs of animals, BTG’s insightful prose again hits his target straight on. I don’t need to be ashamed of myself, and I don’t need to try to stifle myself. Also with a frog on the cover. Becoming by Michelle ObamaPaperback 1. Selected pages Title Page. Sep 24, Nick Damjanovic rated it it was amazing. Jun 29, Yomna rated it liked it.

The next day she realized the position she put me in, found this book, and g It puts a wonderful spin on everything I ponder about life’s journey. This book speaks mostly of doing what you love. Best Selling in Nonfiction See all.

Meaning of Life – Bradley Trevor Greive – Google Books

He has written 20 books which have been translated into 27 different languages, and have been sold in different countries. This is an amazing little book that without too many high words and pretensions phrases, unlike all those self-guides are, can really put a smile on your face and give some encouraging! The idea behind the book is that love is the most powerful and enduring force in the world that keeps us moving forward and “brings real meaning to our everyday lives,” not just romantic love or love of others, but a deeper love — a love of life itself.


And for such a flimsy little picture book, frankly I feel the author goes a bit overboard in the Acknowledgements section. Girl, Wash Your Face: Never mind who moved your cheese – ask yourself why you were looking for cheese in the first place!

I’m so happy I picked this up but I am so upset I didn’t pick up his two other books at this book giveaway. For example, when it comes to discovering your passion, BTG writes, “First, no one else will tell you about it–it’s just like walking around all day with a sign on your back that says KICK ME.

May 31, Robin rated it liked it. Figure out what you love and do it.