Apr 20 2020

Blowback has ratings and reviews. Gary said: This author keeps coming up with ways to keep the story fresh. In a James Rollins/Dan Brown type.. . Archaeologists make a stunning discovery in a pass high in the French – Italian Alps, but do not live to tell the tale. A year later, Islamic. Blowback by Brad Thor – Scot Harvath’s counterterrorism career has just crashed and burned—thanks in part to a ruthless senator with her sights set on the.

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He’s stunned to learn that his years of service and loyalty to this President mean nothing. A loose lid accidentally releases virus before antidote. In tunnels, Jill slays Assassin on point of killing Scot. I have also created an array of terrific bonus material for you at my web site BradThor. Feb 12, Jimena rated it it was ok. The plot is international bio-terrorism and we are taken through a long historical journey on the origin of Islamic terrorism.

Harvath can name every firearm he sees.

The narrator did a nice job on the voices and accents of each character. Then a temporary ceremony, commonly used, takes little time, lets them approach areas forbidden before.

BLOWBACK – Brad Thor

It’s a great premise — a biological weapon that once threatened the Roman Empire is back with the potential to wipe out huge parts of the world. In Sotheby files, one step behind Assassin who killed office, missed flash drive, Scot finds “Elliot Burnham” known alias.

Source data for the plague is contained in an ancient Persian book Arthashastra, which Hannibal the Cathaginian General incorporated into his tactics and planned to use against the Romans but lost his weaponry and his elite men in the frozen Alps bordering France-Italy. Terrorist plot meets ancient mystery here. I am not sure about the author’s contention that Artha Sasthra contains recipe This is the second Brad Thor thog I have read.


Fine so far, but then it drops quickly to a four due to the writing skills of the author, to me lacking in composition. Thank you for all of your support. An exciting read from the first page to the last.

Tuesday, October 9, – 2: Perhaps your political perspective can affect summation of this book, but I felt that it brda a great idea, muddied by a whole lot of convenient nefarious goings on, which contributed little to the thrill and nothing to the action.

For a complete change of pace, I’m going t Maybe I’m getting tired of thrillers, but my reaction to this book has been underwhelming.

I’ll leave it for a while and blowbzck again in the New Year. Perhaps your political perspective can bra summation of this book, but I felt that it was a great idea, muddied by a whole lot of convenient nefarious goings on, which contributed little to the thrill and nothing to the action. I lose track of names, Saudi this, Muslim that. To ask other readers questions about Blowbackplease sign up.

The shame is that over the past seven years I have downloaded 15 Harvath novels and while 1 and 2 were brda, which means I DNF’d them but not because they were badly written, and I enjoyed 3, I now have to decide whether or not to tackle 5 and onwards.

Bring down Rutledge, and become the first woman POTUS, no matter the cost to the country or allies her secret dossiers. Bloeback books in the series.


Review of ‘Blowback’ by Brad Thor

The blowbsck of the backstories and surrounding support material was really nice. Leader of Muslim minority took Emir to protect him. The plot here is not unlike a Clancy novel, in that it details elements of a “what if? Skorpion is fat Kalachka, underestimated by Harvath as intermediary, fence.

Review of ‘Blowback’ by Brad Thor – Digital Amrit

What isn’t is to think of various ways men have come up with germ warfare or pestilence to kill off the enemy. This book crushed any joy I had left in the Scot Harvath series.

Scot Harvath is vulnerable in this book and is in a team up with a badass woman character yet again but this time she is not a trained agent. This book is highly brwd. Scott Harvath is a Navy SEAL turned covert counter-terrorism agent who authorities turn to when the connections between these events start to become clear.

And climbing that mountain to find the archeological dig. The overall synopsis of the book is as follows.

Confronting the Shia master in Switzerland, Scot and Jillian witness a double cross by Ozan and learn of the depth of the conspiracy. CIA code name for an agent or operation that has turned on its creators: