Apr 22 2020

Your Bizfon will transform how your business communicates, making you more available, informative and responsive to your customers. About this Manual. instructions on telephone-specific commands, like how to forward or transfer calls , or put calls on hold. This Administrator’s Guide describes Bizfon sys-. Below you can download guides and manuals for the Bizfon , Bizfon & , and Bizfon , including the Administration Guide, as well as the.

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The following figures show examples of typical installation scenarios.


Enter the system password, if required, then press 4. Page 78 30 seconds to let you know it has not finished.

The product may fall, causing serious damage to the product. Setting Up and Changing the System Password Operator Extension To configure the Operator extension to ring at an extension other than Page 37 You change personal options for the Operator extension the same way you change personal options for any extension. At this point all necessary cabling should be complete for a total of 14 cables going into the Bizfon switch six blue and eight yellow cables should be connected to the appropriate biscuit locations.


Wait approximately 60 seconds until the system responds with Plug it into your office’s 6 analog lines pick up an extension and dial ” Section 1 Overview To set the clock, do the following: Informational Messages The standard Bizfon supports two informational messages. Bizfon conference series phone or non- BizTouch phone: To set up Music-on-Hold, you need to con- nect an audio device, such as a CD player or a tape deck, to your Bizfon.

Group Ring Group Ring The Bizfon allows you to configure a group of extensions to ring, when a caller selects an extension. Pages with related products.

Warranty & Support

Bizfon recommends you connect the unit s bizfob an uninterruptible power supply UPS. Plug in the Bizfon or power on the power supply that the switch es is plugged in to. Feel free to call to request information or assistance.

If you are adding to a two unit installation, you must disconnect the network cable before continuing. The two top biscuits are for outgoing lines to the house ter- mination point s.

Page 47 Setting up Virtual Extensions A virtual extension is not physically connected to one of the extension jacks in the Bizfon Important Safety Instructions These openings must not be blocked or covered. Don’t have an account? Page 65 Figure 3.


Section 2 Setting up your System Introduction This section provides information about how to set up your Bizfon to handle Loading recommendations for this item You may want to change this to reflect your time zone or changes in Daylight Savings Time. These openings must not be blocked or covered. Upon listening to the message, press.

One pair per extension, one extension per port, four ports per biscuit starting with the first cable.


Connecting Your Phone Lines and Extensions After you have positioned the Bizfonyou can easily con- nect your incoming lines bkzfon extensions. Ethernet Hub Connections 3. Press to select the Personal Settings for the Operator, and enter the Operator password followed by 4. Music-on-hold To set up Music-on-Hold, you need to con- nect an audio device, such as a CD player or a tape deck, to your Bizfon.

Setting the System Clock.