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“Once upon a time, there was girl that just wanted to get swept off her feet. Little did I know my co-star would be the one to do it. And with texting no less. fanfic site for jakeward. Hold on to your bucket. Home · News & Stuff · Q & A · Photos · Pictease~Playlist~Vids · FicTease · Behind The Reel · Behind The Lens. Fanfiction. Robsten. Beyond Twilight by Olivia · Behind The Reel by Jakeward · Behind The Lens by Jakeward · Not Just An Act Anymore by JennaRay.

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He grabbed a branch from the tree next to him and yanked it off with force, smashing it with a yell. Violence or sex, did it matter anymore?

Jacob was forced to do so, and without a crime, only because he was born this way. Travelling through the heartland…. He could have recognized it anywhere. He turned and looked towards the gravestone that was standing right under the light.

RobstenWorld: Fanfiction

The fact that it had been gone, even for a short while, was certainly interesting. And finally they were gone.

Back into humans, letting him have his byy. Edward noticed it immediately, some emotion or realization flickering in his eyes. Moving beyond the accuracy or inaccuracy of specific representations, Hall argues that the process of representation itself constitutes the very world it aims to represent, and explores how the shared language of a culture, its signs and images, provides a….


He fought the urge to double over with the pain.

Hope more documentaries like this will be produced. Joinedid: Why else would he be doing this? Anger started filling him. He might even die in the process himself. It broke new artistic ground by mixing poetry, music, performance and Riggs’ autobiographical revelations. Cullen had obviously picked up on that. Story Story Writer Forum Community. He pushed that memory away, bringing back other ones instead. In a split second he was on his knees.

He was counting seconds now. Asking your best friend to be in an unconventional relationship while fighting your feelings is something entirely different. They were reddish black. But for some reason, the body under him was getting more and more irresistible. It was the eyes. His own muscles were burning with effort. As he sped through the trees he could hear the water splashing on the rocks and the ground around him.

How the hell had he let this happen? I deleted Behind the Reel from this site. There was a figure standing in the shadow of the trees. You pathetic piece of shit.


Behind the Reel by jakeward

And then he was on the ground, heaving. It was like ice on fire, and the touch intensified every feeling he had ever had or thought he ever could have while having sex. Even as he did so, he wanted nothing more than to go back to it. Better to draw a few calming human breaths, walk on two legs.

Fanfiction,Jacob/Edward, Nc-17

The Bunny Tale reviews A sexy and sweet romp in the city of sin where a bunny brings a businessman to his knees. When he was approaching the invisible border, the rain intensified.

The fiction I have posted here is a complete work of fiction and no harm is intended to any parties mentioned, represented, or discussed in my works. He moved with the smaller body under him forcing him down on the grass but meeting resistance with Edward moving against him on every thrust. They were his pack after all. Shiny new fandom with shiny new characters and shiny new friends! Better get this done fast.

Co-authored with bethaboo Twilight – Rated: His face was off. And then he was shrinking.