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Yerlikaya, İlhan, Basiret Gazetesi [The Newspaper Basiret] (Van, ), pp. , [in Turkish]. 5. ‛Osmalılık sıfatı’ [Ottoman Traits], Basiret , 12 Rebiyülahir. Basiret gazetesi ve Pancermenizm, Panislamizm, Panslavizm, Osmanlıcılık fikirleri. Front Cover. İlhan Yerlikaya. Yüzüncü Yıl Üniversitesi, Fen-Edebiyat. Yıldız şeytanı: Yıldız şeytanının icraat-ı melunesi. Front Cover. Ali (Basiret gazetesi sahibi.) publisher not identified, – Turkey – 13 pages.

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Likewise, most pan-Slavists in Russia believed that the Congress of Berlin was a defeat, while others saw the gazetssi Russian pan-Slavist aims as a defeat for reform. Borkovskii, Opisanie boevoi zhizni v minuvshuiu voinu — godov Tiflis: Log In Sign Up.

Due to its geopolitical location, the tiny Bulgarian town of Plevna became front-page gazetessi in most European cities. Merutiyet dneminde Yusuf Akura, Ahmet Aaolu. It was the western front which had thus far drawn most of the attention. Steinberg, Moral Communities Berkeley: The battles had often turned into an endgame between the irregular forces of the warring parties.

Alekseev, Ocherki po istorii Russkoi zhurnalistiki i kritiki, 2 vols. Gazftesi Leningradskogo Universiteta,2: Hence, I kindly suggest that mothers, wives and sisters should put at least a ruble in their envelopes that they send to the front.

Until the fall of Plevna, Basiret confined its coverage to a sensational journalistic style focused on the behavior of the troops and on the atrocities committed by the Russians in the Muslim villages. Wartime Propaganda and the Legacies of Defeat: In its first issue on 1 JanuaryKraevskii announced that the primary objective of Golos would be to publicize news in a gazehesi of strict factual objectivity instead of propagating personal opinions or predilections.

Hence, at the onset of the war there had been in the Ottoman empire a relative freedom of the basirret since most newspapers contributed to the national cause by propagating the image of Russians as marauding Christian fanatics.

Teodor Kasab ve stikbl Gazetesine Dair Notlar a11ma Istikbl gazetesi hakklnda hereyi sylemek ve ortaya koymak iddlaslnda deildir phesiz.


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Perhaps the most striking aspect of their accounts is the growing importance of newspapers in reflecting the offi- cial news and rumors in this period, and how their sketches of the War of — helped transform the Russian printing industry into a lucrative one that advanced basireh ideas.

Although 8 Golos, 1 Januaryno. The emphasis is mine. University basret California Press, Through reading the daily news or attending coffee-house debates and Friday prayers, all segments of the Ottoman urban society — from shopkeepers and servants to middle class bureaucrats — became familiar with national concepts such as love of the fatherland, wars and defeats, as well as public rights.

Halil Inalcik and Mehmed Seyitdanlioglu Ankara: The famous cathedral is covered with some sort of beastly paint- ing and below in the choir areas we found thousands of sleeping people of all sexes and all ages. Yet, our leaders seem to have a consensus on staying calm and not addressing any of these accusations. Basiret gazetesi pdf The Turkish commander, Ahmet Muhtar Pasha, after suffering several defeats in the Caucasus, surrendered three major cities — Kars, Ardahan and Batumi — closing the war at the eastern front.

The attempted coup inwhich was directed by one of the leading Ottoman intellectuals, Ali Suavi, indicates the embodiment of this new awakening.

Basireti Ali, Abdlaziz, V. Ultimately, this basirdt argues that the emergence of a critically debating public sphere in Russia and Turkey demonstrates how both empires experienced modernity in the sense that most Europeans understood it. The expansion of an Ottoman newspaper-consuming mass public after the Russo-Turkish War of — was made possible through Basiret and its 45 Karpat, Politicization of Islam, Click here to sign up.

tarih yazıları – sinan çuluk: Basiret Gazetesi

In many respects, the War of — thus became yet another Russo-Turkish conflict with two losers. The war and its ramifica- tions provided a fertile environment in both Russia and the Sublime Porte for the newspaper industries to prosper basiet an unprecedented velocity, drawing the citizens into public debates over nationalism, identity, and policy making.


Popular newspapers — led by Basiret Foresight — reflected on the abysmal results of and pioneered a revision- ist discourse, which constituted the ideological basis of the future Young Turk movement. Although the scope of pan-Slavist propaganda in the Russian popular press was initially limited to the Balkan nationalities in the war, it gained a particularly important dimension with the inclusion of Orthodox Armenians.

Indeed, when the Russians finally stormed Plevna in latethe number of casualties reached almost 40, soldiers. Help Center Find new research papers in: Pan-Slavist newspapers created new symbols of national unity, and gradually replaced the old ones — those of the Tsar and the Church — after the Berlin Congress.

The Ottoman awareness of an imminent collapse — for the first time in its history — was debated and circu- lated through the Ottoman press.

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For the first time, the post-war Ottoman government was confronted with a newly emerging political entity in the form of a newspaper whose perception of modernity, progress, and religion differed greatly from that of Abdulhamid II. Berezovskii, Gazenkampf, Moi dnevnik —78 gg. Until the Russo-Japanese War ofsuccessive governments sought to cope with a diverse public sphere continuously making demands for reform.

Russian and Ottoman Newspapers in the War of Federation of Finnish Scientific Societies: There are striking similarities between the editorial policies of Golos and Basiret.

Shtaba Kavkazskago voennago okruga, During that year and the following winter, while negotiations were taking place to disentangle the Eastern Question, a disturbing ambiguity haunted the awaiting Russian soldiers at the Caucasian front. Shtab Kavkazskago voennago okruga,6—7.