Mar 22 2020

Cradle of the Moon is set after the Alicization arc ends! In case you do not want to spoil yourself, please do not read it! Especially with the story. Actually, Sword Art Online was licensed for English language by Yen Press. So, to prevent legal disputes, Baka Tsuki took it down from there sites. If you search. The Baka-Tsuki translation aggregate has declared the Sword Art Online project to be “Abandoned”. All SAO-related material, save the page.

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Oh, should we update the timeline to include the episodes onliine were featured in the anime? In case you do not want to spoil yourself, please do not read it! All color pics now have their levels corrected and also are English translated.

Truly amazing indeed, I have watched it 5 times already, it just leaves you speechless, it’s so good. You can be assured since I am a Computer Science graduate. Regardless, I wish the best to Ping and those involved with translating, as well as those who bothered to think about my concerns in swore logical manner. But, would you add tsumi as if it were another book – like instead of Sword Art Online: And thanks, I appreciate all the work you put into translating it.

Everyone, with tea, wine, and snacks in one hand, seemed to be making an enormous commotion.

Thank you very much. For example, it’s really easy to argue that DxD or Campione should not be hosted because of their content based on this decision there is not a single warning of R content either. False for the second. So, you argument does not stand, Zero.


The novel story is way better, even though I thought it would be great in anime or manga x. Hmm it has properly addressed the problem of repetition, excessive space wastage, as well as the non-user-friendly coding.

I suspect that, while the NERvGear would be able to scan the face to reproduce facial expressions to an extent, it does not do tskki same for the rest of the body. Your light novel called SAO is amazing. I wonder what I’d like more If I recall previously you mentioned that you didn’t like how the template looks like, is that correct? We need more participants in this discussion. And duh, there is a high chance of volume 2 stories’ episode conversions being named after their chapters.

manga_Sword_Art_Online directory listing

I can easily implement further variable tags that can take chapter names from writers and thus display them like the nav table of old. But since I can’t I must use such methods.

There is nothing to argue about; this is simply how things work. Thank you for translations, I really appreciate it. Well lets hope they do better next ep.

It seems a waste to do the same work twice. Oh I’m getting off track.

Talk:Sword Art Online

Well that’s over the span of 60 years. Seord wanted to thank all you guys for working hard and translating the SAO series. Well, for the most part. Nah, you remember how Cline said when you start up you have to calibrate it to yourself? If you want to help, try recruiting some more translators to help Teh Ping. It seems like my point is being missed I would hence like to propose that we replace the current and if I may say, extremely limited capability carrying aword table system:.


You are commenting using your Twitter account. I’ll submit a draft within a few days. If there is no one against it then it is fine to implement it, right? Also sorry for messed bama editing causing this post to appear twice. And nothing that happens up until he kills the Ragout Rabbit matters. I can’t wait for the next one.

Sword Art Online – Baka-Tsuki

No idea how it gets eye and hair color though. XDDD On a more on-topic note, I think I put the translation for that page in the right section the discussion tab right?

By applying this data, it is pretty easy to build a body that is similar to your current body. Have you ever heard of the term “silent assent”? The light hidden inside this Heaven-Piercing Sword, I free from its shackles right now! And it is not definite that they will read through all the volumes linearly.

In other words it doesn’t really matter unless you want to aft space usage since swofd both look the same no matter which one you use. It’s about 33pages long and just looked like the beginning of the first volume, though it tsuii a little different.