May 26 2020

mm. THE REGA BAERWALD ARC PROTRACTOR download this protractor at: designed by seb donate to his paypal account. Free Protractor To Align Your Turntable Cartridge! Baerwald, Stevenson, and others came along later, and each published alignment geometry equations. I did my best with the included protractor to align the cart properly, but the Technics doesn’t quite use a Baerwald alignment. I wound up with.

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The second cause might be an incorrect pivot-to-spindle mounting distance.

The graph is a visual representation of the columns of numbers on the left, which are a function of three specific tonearm parameters, effective length, angular offset, and stylus protgactor as displayed in the tan colored cells, A3, B3, and C3. That is my point. DarkAuditJan 29, That’s what I get for assuming I still have a memory. Do you already have an account? Home is where my turntable is and everyone should have a two point protractor.

Right click your mouse on the link above and choose Save Target A s You know you have it perfect when both points are perfect without moving the protractor. There is plenty of room for guess work. Inputs are effective length, innermost groove, and outermost groove. This will involve some averaging of the zenith angle between the two points, but the stylus should find exact center baerwaldd both null points. It takes time and patience to get it just right, but the results are worth it!

The above image shows the two null points in relation to each other. If you want to see pictures of a Baerwald set-up using the Feickert protractor, try page 2 of this thread.


G’day all, in my opinion the whole process is more complex than one might think.

TerryS protraactor, Jan 29, The method is different. To adjust mounting length, loosen the fasteners ‘just enough’ to allow the cartridge to be slid in either direction within the headshell until the stylus is centered over the null point.

Baerald are the three yellow cells, I3, J3, and K3 in the calculator at the top of each page, and the three tan protrractor, A3, B3, and C3, which control the graph and the rest of the spreadsheet. Deuce66Jan 28, The red wire for the right channel on that headshell wasn’t looking all that well. In the original, generic, headshell, I noticed the right channel had gone nearly nonexistent. Phil Elliott likes this. The trick is to have the cartridge mounted so that the needle aligns perfectly on BOTH dots without moving the protractor.

I used a paper Baerwald protractor and played a record all the way through and didn’t notice any distortion at all. Okay, so how does the spreadsheet work? To adjust Zenith angle, the cartridge body is rotated within the headshell until a parallel alignment exists between the cantilever and the grid lines on the protractor.

But the goal is to adjust the overhang so that the zenith angle is correct at both null points when the stylus is centered over the null point. If this is done, the calculator operates autonomously from the rest of the spreadsheet.

Aligning cartridge using Baerwald protractor | Steve Hoffman Music Forums

The guide is spot on until you get to this comment, but this contradicts the rest of it. I need to fix the alignment on my M97xE.


I ordered the Technics overhang gauge, and printed out the Technics protractor from Vinyl Engine. This will involve some averaging of the zenith angle between the two points, but the stylus should find exact center over both null points.

Free Turntable Cartridge Alignment Protractor And Speed Discs

The one referenced here: Other types of measuring devices exist but the reader will need to discover these. Please do not enter numbers into any other cells; otherwise you may destroy important equations that enable the spreadsheet to function properly. You can always center the stylus over the exact center bwerwald both null points. However, if the protractor is paper, you may have to settle for aligning the cartridge body sides parallel to the grid since it will not be possible to get a visual fix between the grid and the cantilever.

Aligning cartridge using Baerwald protractor

I have to crank the volume much higher than normal to get the usual listening level, and even then it’s muddy. To adjust overhang, we must adjust the mounting length between the stylus and tonearm pivot. Outputs are angular offset, linear offset, stylus overhang, pivot-to-spindle mounting distance, inner null-point, and outer null-point.

The output values change in accordance with the equations listed in the instruction area below the graph when new numbers are entered protractog any of the yellow input cells. About a month ago I broke off the cantilever stupid me. In effect the cartridge can’t be moved forward enough to reach the null point.