Apr 19 2020

“Utekelezaji wa azimio la Arusha”: hotuba ya rais kwa Mkutano Mkuu wa Tanu, Mwanza, tarehe 16 Oktoba, Responsibility: Julius K. Nyerere. Language. Kabla ya kuanza kazi hii nimehisi nahitaji kusoma Falsafa ya AZIMIO LA ARUSHA, Nimekutafuta kitabu hicho sijakipata kushangaza. Get this from a library! Mafunzo ya Azimio la Arusha na siasa ya TANU juu ya ujamaa na kujitegemea.. [TANU (Organization). Idara ya Elimu ya Siasa.].

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Azimio la Elimu: A reflection on education for self-reliance | Pambazuka News

We recognize that we do not have enough money to bring the kind of development to each village which would benefit everybody. We shall be able to say, When we began aximio development plans we did not have enough money and this situation made it difficult for us to develop as fast as we wanted.

Its premise of appropriation of surplus, racism, patriarchy, dispossession and subordination of all groups into nations that undergirded imperialism fused old structures azimuo state formation and new and old nationalisms together in a quest for capitalist modernity. A socialist society can only be built by those who lz in, and who themselves practice, the principles of socialism. Resistance has reared its head once again; so much for the end of history.

Even then there would not be enough money. This was the right policy during the independence struggle. Furthermore, we are not saying that we will not accept, or even that we shall not look for, money from other countries for our development.

You have to give consideration to the ability to repay. None szimio this means that from now on we will not need money or that we will not start industries or aaimio upon development projects which require money. Yet still we talk about money and our search for money increases and takes nearly all our energies. Aruusha Oct 18, Messages Likes 19 Points But our refusal to admit the calling on the Government to spend more is the same as calling on the Government to raise taxes shows that we fully realize the difficulties of increasing taxes.


We know that the cow would like to have more milk herself, so that her calves could drink it, or that she would like more milk which could be sold to provide more comfort for herself or her calves.

We are making a mistake to think that we shall get the money from other countries; first, because in fact we arushx not be able to get sufficient money for our economic development; and secondly, because even if we could get all that we need, such dependence upon others srusha endanger our independence and our ability to choose our own political policies.

They have built schools, dispensaries, community centers, and roads; they have dug arusa, water channels, animal dips, small dams, and completed various other development projects. What does this mean? We do not have either the necessary finances or the technical know-how. It is the responsibility of TANU to see that the country produces enough food and enough cash crops for export.

We can put the capitalists and feudalists on one side, and the farmers and workers on the other. Amazon Business Service for business customers.

And because the main aim of development is azmio get more food, and more money for our other needs our purpose must be to increase production of these agricultural crops. But we cannot get enough. This is the real way to bring development to everybody in the country.

Will Africa welcome a change in US foreign assistance? But we do not now sell our industrial products in foreign markets, and indeed it is likely to be a long time before our industries produce for export. It is the responsibility of the Government and the co-operative societies to see to it that our people get the necessary tools, training and leadership in modern methods of agriculture.

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In our country work should be something to be proud of, and laziness, drunkenness and idleness should azimko things to be ashamed of. The normal thing is to begin with long working hours and decrease them as the country becomes more and more prosperous. We know that the cow would like to have more milk herself, so that her calves could drink it, or that she would like more milk which could be sold to provide more comfort for herself or her calves.


Socialism is a azikio of life, and a socialist society cannot simply come into existence.

But the realities of oppressive colonial education, unemployment, debt, unaffordable education, autocracy, finite resources and opportunities reserved for the affluent have punctured the aspirations and desires that refused stubbornly to materialize. Where, then, shall we get it from? A socialist society can only be built by those who believe in, and who themselves practice, the principles of socialism.

In brief, our Five-Year Development Plan aims at more food, more education, and better health; but the weapon we have put emphasis upon is money. It means that the people who benefit directly from development which is brought about by borrowed money are not the ones who will repay the loans. Our country can produce various crops for home consumption and for export. Although when we talk of exploitation we usually think of capitalists, we should not forget that there are many fish in the sea.

Tanzania was not spared the wrath of the Washington Consensus resulting in the Structural Adjustment Programmes that corroded the already flailing public sector. The money and time we spend on passing this knowledge to the peasants are better spent and bring more benefits to our country than the money and great amount of time we spend on other things which we call development. The truth is that we cannot. It would be appropriate to ask our farmers, especially the men, how many hours a week and how many weeks a year they work.

We would be doing something very beneficial to our country if we went to the villages and told our people that they hold this treasure and that it is up to them to use it for their own benefit and the benefit of our whole nation. That elective democracy was farce and it was never going to change our lived realities, as we see it in Kenya. Skip to main content.