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Hi Fred, > I currently looking to integrate the RF transceiver from Atmel in one of > my design and I just wonder if someone have something. Even the TX power tolerance of Atmel transceivers is +/-3dB, which means I am getting good preformance with RF as I can easily get Atmel: Atmel RF datasheet (April ), 4. Banner, R., Orda, A.: Multi-objective topology control in wireless networks.

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Contiki Hardware

Modern microcontrollers, which are growing in computational power, speed and interfacing capabilities, are more and more feeling the need of tools to make the development of complex scalable applications easier.

In addition to the traditional development flow, Evidence Srl provides a design and configuration environment named RT-Druid, based on Eclipse. Lightweight Mesh Getting Started Guide. Interrupts are prioritized according to their level and their interrupt vector address. The typical compilation process of an ERIKA Enterprise application involves the computation of a dependency file which is used to understand which are the files which needs to be compiled or updated.

When configuring the EDF kernel for an Erika Enterprise application, the user has the possibility to specify the tick length in the OIL file to allow the specification of a relative deadline using a temporal value. The following example shows an OIL configuration which configures a multistack kernel without a separate IRQ stack in this case, IRQ handlers execute on the stack of the interrupted task:.

The complete list of vectors entries is shown below for every supported microcontroller. This removes the need of opening the graphical environment to compile an application, providing a way to implement automatic compilation scripts and regression tests.


In general, that value depends on the timing reference which is made available by the AVR. By integrating their products, the two companies can offer a quicker and less expensive solution to OEMs, says Terry Dillahunty, Atmel’s business development manager for wireless connectivity.

All RF-critical components are integrated on a single chip minimizing the number of required external components to the antenna, crystal and decoupling capacitors. To avoid the computation of these dependencies useful when you are sure you basically have to compile everythingyou can put the following line in the OIL file:. No—not employing RFID severely limits the quality of our data. All the application files which has to be included in the final application needs to be listed inside the OIL file, as in the following OIL example:.

This removes the need of opening the graphical environment to compile an application, providing a way to implement automatic compilation scripts and regression tests. Atmel AVR Studio is a development environment for Microsoft Windows which integrates a source code editor, an instruction set simulator and a debugger.

In particular, from each. Previous Page 1 Next Page Login and post your comment!

The combination of Atmel hardware and Crossbow services provides a solution with enterprise gateway capabilities that is easy to implement, says Joerg Bertholdt, Crossbow Technology’s vice president of marketing.

The User can use inside the source code of application the following functions to use the timer. The bidirectional differential antenna pins, used for transmission and reception, eliminate the need for an external antenna switch. The stack will be selected again when the task will be rescheduled. Fc is the frequency of the oscillator, and depends on the application configuration. While programming the application, the developer can exploit the power and flexibility offered by the primitives of the Erika Enterprise real-time kernel.


Terms of Use Privacy Policy. In fact, the RTDruid code generator is able to generate the Erika Enterprise configuration files together with a set of configuration files typically, a makefile plus a set of. Moreover, RT-Druid generates the application template, and leaves the developer the task to implement the logic of each single task.

For example, if the third bit in the bitmask is set, the third external interrupt will be enabled. The purpose of this document is to describe all the gf230 needed to create, develop and modify an Erika Enterprise application for the AVR family of microcontrollers. Feature rich, low-power 2. The supported devices and the API functions needed to use them are described in the following sections.

Atmel AVR8 – ErikaWiki

As a r2f30 note, all the settings which are explained in this document apply both to Erika Enterprise if not otherwise stated. This manual describes the porting details of the Erika Enterprise kernel s for the AVR family of microcontrollers. Embedded microcontroller units are spreading in thousands of applications, ranging from single to distributed systems, control applications, multimedia, communication, medical applications and many others.