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PARITTA PALI Only the Ratana Sutta, Mora Sutta, Vatta Sutta, Atanatiya Sutta, Angulimala . Angulimala Sutta for easy delivery for expectant mothers;. Atanatiya Sutta means something in Buddhism, Pali. If you want to know the exact meaning, history, etymology or English translation of this term then check out. Atanatiya Sutta. Pali, Indonesia · English. Appasannehi nāthassa, sāsane sādhusammate; amanussehi candehi, sadā kibbisakāribhi.

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Dhamma Wheel

You can also click to the full overview containing English textual excerpts. May worry and illness be dispelled. May you be free atznatiya all scorching worries.

Anathapindika visits the Buddha, who tells him of the five guilty fears—that begotten by killin They are most compassionate and industrious benefactors of all beings. Because human-like beings can get the opportunity to retaliate, since those things are to their liking.

Paritta Atanatiya Sutta

Whosoever have extinguished the flames of passion in this world, they have seen thoroughly the natural phenomena as they really are. The bhikkhu who is reciting it should not eat meat or food made from powdered grains.

Rather, he should recite with loving-kindness, surrounded by people armed with wooden weapons and seated in a room with all the doors and windows closed. Homage to Buddha Gotama, whose body shone with radiating halo, the son of Sakyan and with splendorous glory, who expounded this doctrine which eradicates all sufferings.


They are all endowed with immense radiating light, of almighty power, of infinite wisdom, and of immutable strength. Nor should he stay in the cemetery.

May they also protect us to be healthy and happy. I, 76; II, 13; Vin. Homage also to Kassapa Buddha, who had been emancipated from all defilements. In the southern region there are great powerful gods.

These seven and the other thousand million self-enlightened Buddhas are all equally peerless ones. You may not use any of the site content on your own website, nor for commercial distribution.

He should first establish the victim in the five precepts before making the protection. Because these ten courses of unskillful action are impure and cause impurity.

Who is online Users browsing this forum: This is the procedure for lay victims. The Buddha agreeing, Vessavana proceeded to recite it.

Āṭānāṭiya Suttaṃ

Below are direct links for the most relevant articles:. Furthermore, as a result of being endowed with these ten courses of unskillful action, [rebirth in] hell is declared, [rebirth in] an animal womb is declared, [rebirth in] the realm of hungry shades is declared—that or any other bad destination.

It is included in the list of Atnaatiya found in the Milinda panha, p. To those who are endowed with the nature of piety, and who always revere the elders, these four boons shall prosper; namely, longevity, beauty, happiness and strength.


If he touches wet cow dung, he is still impure.

It opens with a salutation to the seven Buddhas, beginning with Vipassi. If you post an extract on a forum, post a link to the appropriate page. Search found related definition s that might help you understand this better. Atanatiya Sutta means something in BuddhismPali. The biggest tree around the monastery should be located and its resident deva summoned: These Buddhas expounded bravely to the audience like the roaring lion, they propagated the Noble Wheel of the Law in the world which cannot be done by ordinary worldlings.

Atanatiya Sutta

These four kings are famous guardian spirits of the world. May all the dangers be eradicated. May pwli overcome all enemies. By the power of their truth, virtue, patience, loving-kindness and might, may they protect us to be healthy and happy.

In Ceylon, for instance, it is recited with great fervour at the conclusion of the Paritta ceremonies, particularly in times of illness, in order to ward off evil spirits. They all are revered by the world of gods and men. People armed with wooden weapons should surround the bhikkhu when accompanying him from the monastery.