Apr 30 2020

English is the official language for technical documentation in the aerospace and defense industries. However, many end-users are confused. Simplified Technical English, ASD-STE Issue 6. Highlights. Page HI Highlights. This Issue 6 of the specification replaces all previous issues. ASD-STE Simplified Technical English extends the concepts of plain English. ASD-STE brings engineering rigour to the English.

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These two groups explored the existing controlled languages and researched texts in several maintenance manuals. In the absence of third-party endorsement or published scientific studies, such claims should be considered unconfirmed.

December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Etteplan, a technical services company based in Europe, Asia and North America, offers a plugin called HyperSTE that integrates with most help authoring tools. Dialects and accents of Modern English by continent. STE helps to make technical documentation easy to understand by standardising vocabularygrammar and stylewhile letting users control their specific terminology.

Simplified Technical English and HyperSTE | I’d Rather Be Writing

Fall could refer to a season, a decline, or about 10 other meanings. But I would absolutely welcome more tools to enhlish in identifying problem areas.

Retrieved from ” https: It includes a set of approximately 66 technical writing rules and a basic general vocabulary dictionary of approximately approved words for writing technical documentation. Although it was not intended for use as a general writing standard, it has been successfully adopted by other industries and for a wide range of document types. Interest in STE has also increased dramatically in the areas of language services, professional translation and interpreting, as well as in the academic world.


Simplified Technical English

The more I try to refine content, the blinder I become to it. For englih, the word “close” can only be used in one of two meanings:.

The verb can express close a door or close a circuitbut cannot be used in other senses for example to close simmplified meeting or to close a business. It is a carefully limited and standardized subset of English.

So STE does not allow do not go close to the landing gearbut it does allow do not go near the landing gear.

My brain skims over words and sentences it has seen dozens of times. Check date values in: However, these claims come mostly from those who have invested in developing it, implementing it or supporting it. Today, the success of STE is such that other industries use it beyond its original intended purpose of aerospace maintenance documentation.


STE consists of a dictionary of about allowed words and a set of 65 writing rules. Academic Word List For example, you generally keep sentences short, prefer active tense over gerunds, limit sentences to a single topic, avoid passive voice, and more.

Simplified English is sometimes used as a generic term for a controlled language. Simplified Technical English STE consists of a dictionary of allowed words and a set of writing rules. These benefits should not be overlooked as products and their accompanying documentation are increasingly shipped to many countries worldwide where English is not the main language used.


Simplified Technical English is claimed [ by whom?

Shufrans TechDocs ยป What is ASD-STE Simplified Technical English?

Text written in Simplified Technical English shows improved readability and translatability. The Writing Rules differentiate between two types of topics: ASD-STE Simplified Technical Englishor Simplified Englishis the original name of a controlled language specification originally developed for aerospace industry maintenance manuals.

It also engoish a dictionary of approx. This page was last edited technicl 13 Decemberat Mostly, I rely on my own judgment to identify poor constructions, grammar errors, typos, and style issues. Given the abundance of these terms they can comprise more than half the words in your dictionarybuilding out your own dictionary to supplement the STE dictionary is essential. Text based on Simplified Technical English is also cheaper and faster to translate.

Together, this controlled language is formalized into a specification called ASD-STE, which many regulatory industries must follow to ensure clear, consistent content. In yechnical to basic STE vocabulary listed in the Dictionary, Section 1, Wordsgives explicit guidelines for adding technical names and technical verbs that writers need to describe technical information.

Users of your documentation will benefit from higher translation qualityand mistranslations become a thing of the past. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.