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For many decades, the principals and senior management of LPI have been providing specialist lightning protection advice to customers in some of the most. Visit our website and learn more about AS/NZS standards. You may require this Standard if you are an electricity network operator or electrical contractor and intend to: design; construct; commission.

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Standards Catalogue

The selection of the most suitable protection measures shall be made by the designer according to the contribution of each risk component to the total risk, and according to the technical and economic aspects of the different protection measures available.

An approaching thunderstorm is treated as local when the time interval between seeing a lightning flash and hearing the thunder is less than 30 s and then the appropriate safety measures described in Clause 3.

In such a case the tolerable risk, R a for loss of economic value would be set at 10 It may also be important to specify other protection measures such as SPDs on incoming conductive electrical service lines and internal equipment. Typical values of the damage factors for each type of loss are given in Appendix A and in the risk management calculation tool.

The spreadsheet implements the risk calculations detailed in Appendix A with the required inputs and 1678 presented on a single page for ease aw use. It may be sa of one or more simple probabilities of damage. In the first aid treatment of a patient injured by lightning, it is essential that breathing be restored by artificial respiration and blood circulation be restored by external cardiac massage, if appropriate.

You may be required nzzs comply with this standard if you intend to design, install or operate a small generation unit. Extra protection is applied at the zone boundary to minimize the risk of damage to equipment inside the zone. Public money would normally be spent to try to eliminate or reduce to a level as low as reasonably practical the causes of risks greater than 10—4 per year i. Where danger from other causes such as toxicity, asphyxiation, and radioactivity may arise this is specifically mentioned.

Hence, lightning strikes to the ground anywhere on this metallic network may cause shocks elsewhere.

AS / NZS Lightning Protection

It is important that readers assure themselves they are using a current Standard, which should include any amendments which may have been published since the Standard was purchased. It should also be noted that the usual neurological criteria for death may be unreliable in this situation.


What documents provide more information? In general, it is not economically possible to provide total protection against all the possible damaging effects of lightning, but the recommendations in this Standard will reduce the probability of damage to a calculated acceptable level, and will minimize any lightning damage that does occur.

We need your help! For example, the nature of the burns and the extent of damage to underlying muscle tissue tend to be severe with electric power current, but mild with lightning current. For each type of loss relevant to the structure, compare the acceptable risk with the total risk calculated. When moderate to loud thunder is heard, persons out of doors should avoid exposed locations and should seek adequate shelter. Please help us to share our service with your friends.

AS1768-2007 – Lightning Protection

Tall trees and surrounding buildings may shield a nz from lightning strikes. Similarly, if it were considered acceptable for such a loss to occur, on average, once every years, Ra for loss of economic value would be set at Section 2 provides guidance to assist in this decision.

Museums and heritage listed buildings have a cultural value. Critical parameters have to be identified to determine the most efficient measure to reduce the risk R.

For certificates to be issued, the small generation unit must meet certain conditions nxs guidelines. Please address your comments to the Chief Executive of either Standards Australia or Standards New Zealand at the address shown on the back cover. A range of protection measures can be selected to reduce the risk to less than a target value.

This is probably because of warnings not to use the telephone, except in an emergency, during a lightning storm and the use of SPDs on telephone installations in lightning prone areas. We also welcome suggestions for improvement in our Standards, and especially encourage readers to notify us immediately of any apparent hzs or ambiguities. Damage may also extend to the surrounding environment e.

Nze this case, the structure does not require any specific protection nsz direct lightning strikes or against overvoltages due to nearby strikes or transmitted through the incoming conductive electrical service lines.

Many human activities imply a judgement that the benefits outweigh the related risks. The remaining steps are referred to in the design rules and their application is referred to in subsequent sections.


Subsequent treatment of a lightning strike patient is a specialized area with important differences from the treatment of injuries inflicted by electric power current. In built-up areas protection is frequently provided by nearby buildings, electricity supply service lines or street lighting poles. The total risk, R, is made up of the sum of a number of risk components associated with the four possible sources of damage according to the point of strike as listed below: The risk assessment calculator is a simplified tool for the more common structure types.

This selection takes into account both the efficiency of the measures and the cost of their provision. Who can you talk to for more information?

AS / NZS Lightning Protection – AG – Australian Business Licence and Information Service

Do not enter the water, and in general avoid contact with water. The following swimming pool safety procedures are recommended: A number of completed spreadsheet examples are provided for information in Appendix A. The LEMP protection includes a number of measures to protect sensitive electronic equipment such as the use of a mesh of downconductors to minimize the internal magnetic field, the selection of lightning protection zones, equipotential bonding and earthing, and the installation of SPDs.

Please consult the Contact Officer for more information and to ascertain the level of compliance if any that may be required. Between editions, amendments may be issued. For example, at a particular facility, it may be considered that a chance of 1 in of economic loss due to lightning occurring over a period of a year is tolerable.

Persons and equipment within buildings can be at risk from the indirect effects of lightning and Section 5 gives recommendations for the protection of persons and equipment within buildings from the effects of lightning. Suitable application of surge protection requires correct installation, earthing and coordination of appropriately rated SPDs.

Where headsets are used for a large percentage of the time, or where operators may be unaware of local lightning storms, the risk of injury from lightning can be dramatically reduced by the use of wireless headsets.

Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want to embed Embed Script. It consists of both external and internal LPSs and is defined as a set of construction rules, based on corresponding protection level.