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2. Ariadne auf Naxos. Opera in One Act with a Prologue. Music by Richard Strauss. Libretto by Hugo von Hofmannsthal. First Performance. Libretto by Giuseppe Giacosa and Luigi lllica, based on episodes from As revised, Ariadne auf Naxos premiered at the Hofoper in Vienna on. Ariadne auf Naxos ( version) (). Duration: minutes. Opera in one act with a prologue (Revised version of score). English Deutsch. Libretto by .

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Ariadne auf Naxos (1916 version) (1916)

A something compelling, Ne’er a free fancy, Always a marvel Past understanding! The sound of their voices is still heard. Zerbinetta und Harlekin sind links vorne wieder erschienen. Haben sie sich eine Stunde lang gelangweilt, so ist ist es doppelt schwer, sie lachen zu machen.

And yet, not hard as they, nor rude as others are Cheeks like a girl, and eyes of timid doe. Streaming Audio Ariadne auf Naxos. Here nought is holy!

It remains a pioneering example of neoclassicism and rapidly became a popular score for ballet usage including a celebrated production by the Ballet Russes de Monte Carlo in And yet his form she has not seen! Hush, let us listen. But in the duet that follows, reality takes over and Ariadne’s longing for death becomes a longing for love as Bacchus becomes aware of his divinity.


Ditto Italian Ditto Swedish. To Scaramuccio, to whom she holds out the palm of her hand to be kissed.

Opera Today : STRAUSS: Ariadne auf Naxos

And light her breath and light too is her step, No blade of grass moves when she walks, Gentle her sleep! Harlequin discreetly in the background.

Er holt sich Zerbinetta aus dem Zimmer, spricht zu ihr. The Music Master protests to the Major-domo about the decision to follow his pupil’s opera seria, Ariadne auf Naxos, with ‘vulgar buffoonery’.

For certain, she is mad. Ariadne without turning her head, to herself, as if the last words fomd part of her dream. The Composer is listed by Kennedy p.

Full text of “Ariadne on Naxos : opera in one act”

Viele meinen, dass sie mich kennen, aber ihr Auge ist stumpf. Zerbinetta tanzt libfetto einem zum anderen, weis jedem zu schmeicheln. With his wand He urges on the huddled souls! Akt n Di rigori armato il seno” , , II- N6.


Was willst du, fremder Mensch sh net No.

In love and sun to bask Is all that e’er I ask. Opera in four acts.

The composer has a confrontation with an insolent lackey when he wants to give instructions to his musicians and discovers they are playing dinner music for the guests, but his indignation vanishes as a musical libtetto strikes him. And in his arms’ relentless clasp to die enraptured. They adorn Ariadne who is passive, half unconscious.

Strange is woman’s heart that ever, Ever knows itself so ill. Full Score download Vocal Score download.

Opera Today

When the new god came towards me, Captive was I, reft of speech, When I felt his first caresses, Captive was I of the god. Das kann nicht geschehen!

Let’s be friends again. There are surely enough in the house. Ist so dein Schattenland! To her, nasos lover is the answer. A ravishing girl, whose relationship to me should be closer, more vital Zerbinetta.