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The following species of Aquilaria trees can be found in Papua New Guinea: Aquilaria sinensis, Aquilaria subintegra, Aquilaria beccariana. Aquilaria subintegra. Kingdom: Plantae. taxon_id: Order: Myrtales. Genus : Aquilaria. Species: subintegra. Full name: Aquilaria subintegra. AuthorYear. Incubation with microbial culture supernatants improved essential oil yield from Aquilaria subintegra woodchips. The harvested woodchips.

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The Use and Trade of Agarwood in Japan. The tree is protected in Hong Kong.

Thailand has many different Aquilaria species that still can be found in the aaquilaria woods. Aquilaria beccariana, Aquilaria apiculate, Aquilaria cumingiana, Aquilaria filarial, Aquilaria hirta, Aquilaria malaccensis, and Aquilaria microcarpa.

Most of the Agarwood species are currently protected in different countries. Why is Oud Oil so Expensive?

Aquilaria subintegra

The leaves are leather-like and have an elliptic shape. The 3 different uses of Oud oil.

You may also like. Meanwhile, artificial inoculation can also produce satisfactory results. Type 3 has white to silver-grey bark and small trunk.

Aquilaria subintegra | CITES

Their length varies from 5 to 11 cm in width. Type 2 jas whitish grey with green bark. What is Oud oil? The bark can be different shades of grey.

This makes it even more difficult to keep these species alive. Subintegra species are divided into two classes. Would aqui,aria like to know more about Agarwood? Flowers are yellowish green and white.


The edges are hair. The following species of Aquilaria trees can be found in Papua New Guinea: There is a strong belief that Indonesian wood is the highest quality agarwood in the world. The scent produced by this wood is pleasing and spicy.

Type two has whitish grey to white bark. The diameter of the trank varies from 0. Aquilaria Crassna is a protected tree in Vietnam since the numbers are dangerously dwindling.

The fruits are green and egg-shaped. The oldest species of Aquilaria trees are found in Indonesia: Unfortunately, the tree population is diminishing every. At the same time, the clothing can be scented. They are covered with brownish red hair. The flowers are small and pale yellow. However, the smoke produced from burning the wood is not suitable for fumigation. In Vietnam you can also find the rare agarwood type called Kinam Ky nam which is obtained from the roots of Agarwood and used mostly for medical purposes.

Aquilaria Malaccensis and Aquilaria Crassna can be found in Bhutan. Kinam is most likely Aquilaria crassna or Aquilaria malaccensis species, however, since the tree is very rare, the proper subinetgra is yet to be done. Hong Kong is home to the Aquilaria Sinensis. Type 1 has reddish o black bark. The wood is aquilaroa high quality and similar to what was available in India over a century ago.


All about Agarwood oil chemical composition December 10, We will send you everything you should know about Agarwood. The scent is rich and spicy and great for scenting clothing.

Leaves are elliptic and lanceolate they alternate. Aquilaria sinensis, Aquilaria subintegra, Aquilaria beccariana, Aquilaria microcarpa, and Aquilaria urdanetensis. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply.

Do you know all the different Species of Agarwood trees?

Due to the spicy and woody scent, these agarwood species are good for scenting clothing. The flower about 4 cm long and 3 cm in diameter.

There are many different species of Aquilaria trees that can turn into agarwood when wounded either naturally or artificially.

Type 3 has a very big trunk and black bark with a silky surface. When burned, the chips of the Borneo wood create a very dense smoke and the most long-lasting burn. The young bark of this tree is light brown in color and features some hairs.

However, there is a slight lingering sour scent.