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The names of classical authors and works were often mentioned, but a source’s meaning was reinterpreted allegorically or morally and advanced as an exemplum of Christian ideals; all this conformed to the thinking that Antiquity prefigured Christianity. Medieval epic poems from the fourth to the ninth centuries adhered to Homer and Vergil’s meters and style; their narratives, however, reworked or synoptically combined Gospel stories e.

In its hybrid mix of verse and prose, styles, registers, and genres, coupled occasionally with daring fantasy, picaresque plots, or coarse realism, menippea critically scrutinized great religious themes, debased mythic figures, and parodied philosophical systems and learned ideas.

But then they entered law, theology, hermeneutics, philosophy, and poetics as well.

The mock-heroic genre and style in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries led to a reformation of the concept of parody and its classification as antithesis to travesty. Kot, Budny Szymon [w: The Italian word pasticcio, French pastiche, first belonged to the culinary arts; after the Renaissance it entered into the jargon of painting.

Rationalism, as developed by Port-Royal logic and Descartes in the seventeenth century, shook forcefully the role of auctoritas in the methods of argument, research, and ethics.

To be sure, commonplace does not relate exclusively to literature. Alicja Bielak, Wojciech Kordyzon These fragments are not dependably connected to one another in advance; only the pulses of the surfer’s desire arrange them into an aleatory griloet textual syntax or narration. Czy to nie jest Burza? They thought that a liberating potential found in aluzna revolutionary heritage could be renewed by people organizing according to their interests and life-styles in a pluralist civil society.


Abychmy w ten przekład pilnie weźrzeli

It would be difficult to convince such a reader, hardbound book in hand, that the text is boundless and that other texts and discourses intrude amid the printed lines, much less bring him to Jacques Derrida’s idea that nothing exists outside the text.

Contrafacture is similar to cento and it partially matches Quintilian’s definition of parody: On the background of the ideological, philosophical, and technological factors outlined above, citation acquired the meaning it still has today: Lubomirski, Poezje zebrane, oprac. Alighieri, La Divina Commedia, dz. On co na to? Morszt yn, Ut wor y zebrane, oprac.

Abychmy w ten przekład pilnie weźrzeli – PDF Free Download

Antologia polskiej poezji metaf izycznej epoki baroku. As suggested above, the newly coined concept of intertextuality introduced a previously non-existent conceptual framework and theoretical conceptualization; on the other hand, however, it was used reductively to designate ideas and understandings that, prior to the term’s coining and afterwards, were otherwise named e.

To the extent that the Titoist regime’s unpredictable and changing tolerance allowed, Slovenia was relatively open not only to West European consumerism and pop culture but also to liberal and leftist influences.

Eine kurze und grundliche Unter weisung beider Sprachen zu reden und zu lesen Polnisch und Deutsch, druk. Zdarz to nam, nasz Panie. In the prologue to his comedy The Eunuch, Aluja wrote, “Nullumst iam dictum quod non dictum sit prius. Bloom, The Western Canon. Con ten ido grilleet The use of loci communes, popularized by various anthologies, could also be parodic — for example, in the technique of versus cum auctoritate in goliardic poetry.


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Herein, intertextuality has had two faces, as we shall see from examples adduced below: However, the Nova revija circle was opposed not only by communist politicians and intellectuals close to the party, but also by post-Marxist Lacanians of the Problemi group.

Kukulski, Komentarz edytorski [w: Therefore, some ideas and categories of thought — as a rule those that emerged in the humanities and social sciences — withstand the test of time, and during reinterpretation remain useful even in essentially different scholarly paradigms, while others soon disappear when the methodological field where they were produced and assigned functions ceases to hold sway.

Everyone schooled in grammar had to learn the first two degrees of this type of paraphrase: I would like to stress that topics, circulating in different spheres of public discourse from poetry to religion, from law to medicineever since Antiquity consolidated a given culture, supplying it with intellectual and discursive coherence that leveled existential, functional, temporal, and social differences.

In addition, citations are often hidden, cryptic, mutually contaminated, intertwined with imitations, liberal paraphrase, translations, subtle allusions, and pseudo- quotations.

Satires and Epistles; Persius: They absorbed bounteous exemplary subject matter and patterns of diction culled from various sources: