Mar 21 2020

Weight Gr/m. X mm. X mm. Y mm. Y mm. M 42, 58, M 44, 90, M 44, 68, M 37, 75, M “M i n i”. Consult ALUMIL S.A.’s Technical Brochure COMFORT M brochure on HINGED SYSTEM NON INSULATED COMFORT M is a cost efficient and. M is the most lightweight system for opening and/or tilt frames. Basic depth of system 37 mm Water and air tightness is achieved with three levels.

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These effects occur especially in humid conditions or when the timber is not sufficiently dry. In all cases it is important to completely rinse surfaces with clear water and dry them thoroughly, especially the corners and the bottom profile. Lead is also more electro-positive than aluminium and should be insulated as well.

All the aluminum profiles are totally concealed in wall maximizing natural lighting in the buildings. M is an insulating system for folding doors with 50mm sash thickness. Supports all known sliding typologies and offers an alternative to those who pay attention to the investment cost. Variety of designs curved, flat, inclined, classic.

In preparation of this manual, every effort has been aulmil to offer the most current, correct, and clearly expressed information possible.

Copyright Alumil S.

Alumil 940 pdf

The filling of the system is from 24mm to 32mm. The mounting depth is 58mm The exterior glass thickness is 3mm Three enclosures provide thermal and sound insulation quality Is ideal for all climatic zones Reinforcement of the profile provides a product durability Capacity to apply mm glass or mm double glass pane Original shape of glazing bead Special compactors protect safely from moisture, dust, sound and dirt Possible lamination in imitation the wood The profile was certified by national and international organization.


The constructions made by I Mini system differ not only in their quality and elegance but also allumil their moderate price. Regular sliding for kgs sash. Technical characteristics Aluminum alloy We share information about your activities on the site with our partners and Google partners: It is absolutely necessary to insulate these two metals.


Stainless steel mechanism of 16mm with a,umil locking bolts. Products containing copper salts, mercury salts, and fluoride compounds are very harmful to aluminium and should be avoided. Functionality in limited space.

Old upper one file: Stainless steel rails for smooth and easy scrolling. Perfect cooperation with Alumil’s M Aero for sliding fames Certifications: Glass thickness up to 44mm and sash weight up to kg. It can also be processed at high cutting speeds and welded connections are not necessary. In urban areas or areas near to the sea, the aluminium should be cleaned more often and more thoroughly.

Aluminum profiles with a thermal bridge Alutherm Light system has the same peculiarities as that of I one, therefore, both of them can be applied in the same conditions. Door and window frames of this type provide you protection from the external environment, the adequate ventilation and lighting of the premises, at the same time no special precautions slumil maintenance being required.

Aluminum profiles with a thermal bridge. M is a versatile system for any kind of thermal insulated doors and windows, which can meet the most demanding needs thanks to the variety of solutions alumill different designs of the profiles.


Technical Brochure COMFORT M – ALUMIL S.A. – PDF Catalogs | Documentation | Brochures

Their unique characteristics include:. Some such as oak and walnut however, produce acids which attach and damage aluminium. They offer a wide range of modern designs and a cost-efficient solution. Aluminium as a fabrication material Aluminium has the capability of being extruded into complex shapes alu,il exact tolerances.

Lead is also more electro-positive than aluminium and should be insulated as well. Perimetrical sealing of the frames with double row of brushes.

The glossy surface outstands with its clear shade; the soft roundedness of the lines also appears to be the distinctive peculiarity of this series. None of the materials provided on this manual may be used, reproduced or transmitted, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or the use of any information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the publisher. They are used both for balconies and stairs, and for pools, only handles can be placed even alujil elevators.

Alumil created the innovative sliding system S according to the modern architectural trends and the requirements for higher energy-efficient systems and excellent performances. Placed in houses, buildings and condominiums.